Wearable technology has become the new normal. From getting an Apple Watch to wearing those blue light glasses, there are plenty of ways to be more fashion-forward when it comes to technology. If you’d like to look more fashionable and less like you came out of a direct-to-VHS movie about how people in the ’90s thought people of today would dress, we’ve included eight ways to be more fashionable with your tech devices.

Fashion Meets Technology

Technology is changing the way consumers look at and purchase fashion. Artificial intelligence brings insights to brands and shoppers into things like finding their best size online without having to go into the store.

Some fashion brands are using technology to create new fabrics like lab-grown leather without having to harm any animals in the making. There are even sock brands that can track how many steps you’ve taken to help count calories.

Now that you have an idea of how technology has helped shape today’s fashion trends and innovations, let’s dive into how you can incorporate fashion and technology into your daily routine.

Matching Phone Cases to Your Outfit

Consider having more than one phone case to match your outfit that day. Instead of just having one iPhone 13 case, you can have an additional case or two on rotation. You can have one in a solid color like black or white that will match with just about everything in your wardrobe.

You can have another in a bold pattern or design when you’re wearing a more neutral outfit and can use your phone and phone case as your statement piece. If you’re really going for something more practical, such as if you’re going on an outdoor adventure, have an extra durable phone case on hand when you’re hiking or skiing in the mountains.

You don’t need to have that bulky phone case all the time — just when you’re doing more rigorous activities.

Be More Fashionable with Your Tech Devices
Be More Fashionable with Your Tech Devices

Changing Your iPad Case

If you’re commuting to work on the train or bus every day, you may take your iPad with you to read a book or watch a show. Just like you may want to change up your phone case, consider changing up your iPad case.

If you have one of those cases that also doubles as a charger with a built-in battery pack, you may want to have more than one handy when you don’t always have time to charge your iPad.

Using your iPad as a tablet for reading or watching your show can help save precious battery life for your phone when you need to text, email or make that important phone call. Just remember if you’re watching your show in public to put in your AirPods because no one else on your commute needs to hear what you’re watching on Netflix.

If you enjoy changing up your iPad and iPhone cases, you may also want to get an AirPods case cover to keep your AirPods protected and fashionable.

Updating Your Apple Watch Band

We know that this may seem like a lot of technology and plastic, but that isn’t really the case — especially when you’re using sustainable Apple Watch bands made from green materials. You’ll be wearing your values on your wrist, all in colors that you’ll actually enjoy wearing.

Get one in black that will help you look effortlessly stylish. Go for a bold stormy blue when you want to make a statement. This kind of material is meant to be durable enough for everyday use, but you’ll rest easy knowing that you’ve chosen a sustainable product that also protects the planet.

Sustainable Sunglasses

If you’ve been looking for more sustainable yet fashionable tech, you’re not alone. According to Lyst, there’s been a 47 percent increase in shoppers looking for sustainable and ethical products. Opt for sustainable sunglasses.

What makes them sustainable? These kinds of glasses are made using less water and less waste compared to conventional packaging from which most sunglasses are made. Your eyes will stay protected with full UVA/UVB protection, too.

Blue Light Glasses

If you enjoy the look and feel of sustainable sunglasses, don’t forget about getting blue light glasses to protect your eyes indoors. Blue light glasses are for when you’re staring at your computer screen all day long.

According to Harvard Medical School, overexposure to the harmful blue light that our screens emit can lead to disrupted sleep patterns and other long-term health effects. You’ll be keeping your eyes safe in style with blue light glasses.

Getting a Phone Grip

Get a phone grip that does more than one thing. You’ll never lose your phone again when you get a phone grip that secures firmly to your phone case. That way, it’ll protect your phone from accidental drops and spills.

This kind of phone grip does double duty by serving as a stand for horizontal viewing. Go on and take that selfie because you can grip and stabilize with it, too.

Card Holder Attachments

Last, but certainly not least, get a cardholder attachment for your phone case. If you’re heading out for the night or your next big event, you may not want to stuff a full wallet into your pocket or carry around a purse the whole night.

You may just want to grab your keys and your phone and be out the door without too much bulk. That’s where a handy card holder attachment that sticks right to your phone case comes in. You can put your ID, cards and some cash in there. You’ll be good to go and out the door in no time.

Be More Fashionable with Your Tech Devices
Be More Fashionable with Your Tech Devices

It can be overwhelming to keep up with today’s technology and fashion. Sometimes, it all feels like too much, but that’s why there are plenty of stylish yet sustainable wearable tech options out there. That way, you can stay fashionable and knowledgeable about today’s trends while giving back to the Earth.


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