Bathroom Trends Alert With Tubs

Bathroom Trends Alert With Tubs- 2023

What do you remember when you are dog-tired after a very long, tiring day?

Well, the usual answer is a hot bubble bath with sweet-scented candles, a glass of wine, and a good book to read. 

After running and rushing to work every morning, it would be quite appealing to come back home for a relaxing bath in your bathtub. 

For that, you need to install the best bathtub that would be suitable for your bathroom. If a bathtub is on your “to purchase” list for your bathroom, then let us help you.

Here is an article to explain and enlighten you about the various bathtubs that you can install in your bathroom. 

Let us get started!

The Latest Trending Bathtubs For 2023

Freestanding Tubs

One of the best things about the bathroom free standing tub is its flexibility. They look extremely sleek but they are quite heavy. They have a versatile look. If you wish to have a contemporary and modern style bathroom, then this is your pick. 

Free-standing tubs come in different shapes. They are rectangular, square, oval, and cylindrical. Along with this, there are different kinds of free-standing tubs. 

The Latest Trending Bathtubs For 2023
The Latest Trending Bathtubs For 2023

Clawfoot Tub

The clawfoot tub has four feet directly underneath it. These feet can resemble different kinds of animals. These are considered to be traditional and some people find them very appealing. Clawfoot tubs are larger and deeper than regular bathtubs. 

It is best to place them at the center with plenty of open space around the tub. That way it is easier to clean and access.

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Freestanding in an Alcove

Freestanding in an alcove is mostly based on the place where it is being situated. You can place this in an alcove. The higher walls of the tub allow you to have a deep soaking and relaxing bath. 

They are easy to install and in turn, they increase the home resale value. It’s a great investment for when you are planning to sell your home in the future. 

Alcove Tubs

Alcove tubs are also known as fitted or recessed bathtubs. The alcove tubs are considered to be the basic bathtubs that are installed in your bathroom. The standard size of an alcove tub is 60 inches x 32 inches. 

These Alcove tubs consist of only one finished side. The other sides are attached to the walls of your bathroom. Also, there has to be a base constructed around them, for it to be installed in your bathroom. 

It will cost you only a few hundred dollars. They are easy to clean and are quite affordable. You can design them as you like. The most commonly used material for alcove tubs is premium cast acrylic products. These are extremely durable. 

Japanese Style Tubs

The Japanese-style tubs are also known as the soaking tubs or as Japanese Ofuro. If you want to get the feeling like you are in a resort or a spa, then this is your best pick. It has a pleasant and serene look to it.

The walls are gently sloping and the tub offers a freestanding design. Overall, it gives one a breathtaking appeal. These are available in different materials. You can either purchase the inexpensive acrylic or the handmade wooden version. 

To enhance your experience in this bathtub, you can add some fragrant herbs for a relaxing and soothing experience. 

Walk-In Tubs

Do you have an elderly member at your home or a person with disabilities who wishes to soak in a bathtub? Then this is specially made for them. 

The walk-in tubs are designed for people who have difficulty getting into a normal bathtub. These tubs have doors attached to them. That way, it prevents one from lifting their legs to get into a tub. 

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They also do have a seating area along with rails that aids in having a comfortable bath. This way, they get to be independent and need no help from others for a bath. It is important to create an elderly-friendly bathroom in case you have a senior member at your house. 

Just like the name suggests, all one has to do is walk in and get seated on the tub. This prevents them from sitting all the way down. The interior rails also help them to get up on their own after a relaxing bath. 

Built-In or Drop-In Tubs

The other names for Built-in and drop-in tubs are deck mounted or platform tubs. These are designed in such a way that the rim of the tub is being flush with the platform. These designs are best used for whirlpool tubs or air tubs. 

Built-In tubs provide a spa feel and allow deep soaking. It has got no-slip grip handles with rod safety caps. Some of their types are:

  • Corner Built-In Tub
  • Undermount Tub

Corner Built-In Tub

For the corner built-in tub, only two walls are attached to the tub. This placement gives a bathroom maximum functionality. You can place them on a raised platform for a better look. 

They can be placed only in a corner space and also can be glass-enclosed. 

Undermount Tub

The Undermount tubs don’t have finished sides. The rim of this bathtub is covered. The most commonly used materials for covering the rim of the undermount tubs are tile and stone. 

They are easy to clean and offer a luxurious feel. 

In Conclusion

Installing a bathtub in your bathroom will give you something to look forward to after a long, tiring day. You can purchase a clawfoot tub if you have got a higher budget. If you are willing to go for a standard bathtub, then you can opt for Alcove tubs. 

Be certain to purchase a tub that is also easy to clean and access. The tub design and the material that you pick will set the overall outlook of your bathroom. You can also purchase a few freestanding tub accessories to have a better experience during your bath time.

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If you wish to have a tub for decades then it is best to buy a heavy, enameled, cast iron tub. 

Make sure to purchase a bathtub according to your bathroom space and also that suits your budget.