5 Tips to Avoid Careless Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian accidents are, unfortunately, a common occurrence. The risk of being involved in a pedestrian accident is ten times greater than a car accident. Injuries range from broken bones to paralysis and even death if the victim cannot get help on time. Fatal pedestrian accidents are often caused by ignoring warning signs and failing to look both ways before crossing the street. Following are safety tips that can prevent a pedestrian accident.

Keep a Safe Distance

It’s difficult to predict what the other driver is up to. If they head towards you unexpectedly or take an erratic turn, this may not leave enough time for you to recover and react appropriately. Therefore, maintaining a proper distance and keeping your eyes open is best to avoid such situations.

Don’t Text and Walk

The number of pedestrians killed in the US has increased by 50% since 2010. One of the significant causes is texting and walking. When walking on the streets, you should be aware of your surroundings which is impossible if you are distracted by your smartphone.

Don’t Cross the Street on a Yellow or Red Light

This is the something taught in kindergarten but is unfortunately forgotten in adult years. If you have to cross at an intersection, make sure you’re safe, and there is no oncoming traffic. In some countries, there are pedestrian walking signs just like traffic signals; follow them to avoid any discomfort. Additionally, you can be fined or punished for ignoring these laws, which is a whole different level of discomfort.

Be Aware of Traffic Around You

Walking on a street might not seem dangerous, but as soon as you step on it, the odds are against you. You can only control your actions and not the other person’s. It’s essential to know the difference between pedestrian and vehicular traffic and the different rules in each case. Therefore, be aware of your surroundings, keep your eyes and ears open, and don’t distract yourself. Always follow traffic rules and regulations.

Use Body Language to Avoid Distractions

Body language is an integral part of communication, and it can be used to help avoid distractions. Here are some ways to use your body language to avoid distractions and stay safe on the streets.

  1. Don’t cross your arms or legs.
  2. Keep your hands visible so people can see you are not carrying anything that could be a threat.
  3. Avoid making sudden movements or gestures with your hands, feet, or mouth.
  4. Don’t run on the road, and keep a regular pace while walking.

Pedestrian crossing accidents are most likely to occur at intersections or when a person is within 50 yards of a crosswalk. Besides the risk of injury, pedestrians also face consequences such as traffic tickets and paying compensation. Like most accidents, pedestrian accidents occur for various reasons, primarily due to silly mistakes or people not following the rules. Follow the above precautions and safety tips to avoid pedestrian accidents whenever you step on the road.

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