Assisted Living – a part of social security with great benefits

Assisted living is an aid or help dedicated to those who need long-term care. Normally people who are facing health issues require these types of facilities. In developed countries, people are facilitated with the benefits of assisted living under social security.
Now let us discuss what is assisted living.

What is assisted living?

Assisted living is a set of facilities that include all sorts of medical facilities, proper nursing, quality food, regular medication and so on. It is basically a residential facility for those who need it.
In a properly designed assisted living facility people get all sorts of amenities in a single space. The people who live there can get all the help at a single place. If they face any medical issue you just do not have to move them to a hospital. Rather the medical facility should be already there.
assisted living benefits

Some facilities of assisted living

There are some basic facilities of assisted living which are really important and must. Let us check them out:
  • Activity center
  • Beauty/barber salon
  • Billiards room
  • Café with coffee, pastries and frozen yogurt
  • Computer work stations
  • Courtyard
  • Dishwashers/garbage disposals in all Independent Living units & cottages
  • Fireplace and sitting area
  • Fitness center
  • Game room
  • Garden and hobby center
  • Hospitality Suite with bar, shuffleboard and poker tables
  • Complimentary laundry rooms
  • Library
  • Microwaves in all Independent Living units
  • Microwaves in all Assisted Living units
  • Outdoor area
  • Patios and balconies in all Independent Living residences
  • Cable and phone with long-distance
  • Private dining room
  • Private mailboxes
  • Restaurant-style dining
  • Theater room
  • TV room
  • Wall safe
  • Outdoor walking paths
  • Washer/dryer hookups
  • Whirlpool room
  • Free WiFi
So, these are the basic facilities that a patient will expect from an assisted living. And you can get this type of facility while Assisted Living in CT.
There are many reasons for these types of facilities. You may wonder why they are really necessary. You may think that you can easily take care of your near and dear ones. But in reality, you cannot always make it.
There are many special cases where you need 24/7 monitoring. And that is not possible at home. Here comes the benefit of assisted living. They ensure you all the facilities always ready.
So, you can stay calm and ensured that your dear one is properly taken care of.
The assisted living programs also ensure that the patient will never feel that they are in the shackle. Rather they will enjoy a sense of freedom and they will enjoy their leisure at their own will.
They will get to know other people, so it will help them for socializing as well. They also keep our privacy which is really essential.
And of course, it is a legal identity. You cannot just establish an assisted living facility on your compound. For this, you need proper license approval and other certificates. So, basically the government has basically judged their ability and declared them as capable of arranging this facility.
In simple words, I can say that assisted living is basically a combination of a hospital and a hotel. It combines the facility of both of them and presents them to us.
I hope now you have a clear idea of assisted living. And believe me, they have their own facilities and benefits. Please check the papers thoroughly before registering your patient in such a facility.
Various institutions may offer their facilities in a little different way. So, check them properly, which of them matches the criteria you need.
And most importantly you are going there to enjoy their life. So, it is you who can say properly what you actually need.

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  1. This was so informative! Planning ahead is more important now than ever. We need to think about how we will care for ourselves and our loved ones down the road.

  2. Valuable information for our aging parents, grand parents and relatives. What about their availability and are they really cost effective? But certainly seem better than old age homes.
    Thanks for all your information ?

  3. I think this is a better option. Assisted living facilities are what we chose for my husband’s parents. It was a good decision and his parents were happy with that. If I reach old age, I’d want to stay in an assisted living facility, just like the one my in-laws stayed in.


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