A complete Overview of Nipple Treatment

Have you been concerned about areola reduction? For women with deep feelings about their breast outlook, the areola is a common problem.

Ways to get rid of this problem? Don’t worry; there are effective surgeries for the areola problem. The areola reduction eliminates your pigmented skin around nipples. This process also removes puffiness. It makes the nipple stand out less.

Just check out the best areola reduction review before surgery. This content will help you to make the best decision by giving all of your queries. So, without wasting time just follow this review.

Areola Reduction

Areola Reduction

Areola reduction surgery is a common and risk-free procedure. It helps to improve the outlook of the nipples. The areola is known as a hyperpigmented skin area. This area can be created around your nipples. The color and size of your nipples vary. It depends on some facts. The common facts are age, weight, pregnancy period, breastfeeding period, etc.

An areola reduction can change some structural changes of your breast and nipple. This surgery can the breast’s position, shape, size, etc.

Nipple reduction surgery is also a simple process. It can eliminate the diameter of the areolas of your breasts. You can apply this surgery to reduce the uncomfortable areolas of your breasts. This surgery will help with breast reduction, breast augmentation, and breast lift, etc. It will completely fulfill your expectation.

Your Better Expectation with Areola Reduction
Overview of Nipple Treatment

Types of Areola Reduction & Nipple Reshaping Surgery

There are different shaping and areola problems with nipples due to many reasons. The main reasons are hormonal, aging, and developmental factors.

Only the surgeon will decide the suitable process for you. Different surgeries are-

  1. Areola reduction surgery

It is a process to eliminate the diameter of large areolas.

  1. Nipple reduction

Large nipples are created due to breastfeeding and large-sized breasts. So, it’s needed to reduce the nipples.

  1. Nipple lift

Nipples can long due to the skin age of women. This surgery will be helpful to provide a more suitable height for the nipple.

  1. Inverted nipple correction

This surgery will increase the projection of nipples. It also provides the flat appearance of nipples.

  1. Accessory breast tissue

Sometimes you will find excess breast tissue, pigmentation, and nipples problems. These all are related to the development of women’s embryos in their wombs.

The People of Areola Reduction

The areola reduction is recommended for women along with men. Some men and women are not happy with their areola size. They can try this areola reduction easily. This process also includes nipple reduction.   

The process is suitable for some cases. This is-

  • This process will be affected properly for the adults who have reduced a significant amount of weight.
  • Sometimes the areolas have changed just after the pregnancy period. In this time, the areola reduction process will be effective.
  • Other ideal candidates are the men and women with puffy and protruding areolas.
  • The women after the breastfeeding period are other candidates of areola reduction.

Some ages are not suitable for the areola reduction process-

  • The adult period is very important to apply the areola reduction.
  • This process will not be a success until the breasts are completely matured.
  • But the adolescent males can be able to get the benefit of the areola reduction process.
  • Girls with early age are not suitable for this areola reduction surgery.

Important Reasons for Choosing Areola Reduction Surgery 

There are a lot of reasons to choose areola surgery. Some common reasons are-

  • Most of the women want to get a shape and appearance of nipples with standard beauty.
  • The women can get their expected beauty of breast before the weight gain.
  • Most of the women want areola reduction after increasing their ages.
  • When the skin of the women loses its elasticity, they want the areola reduction surgery soon.
  • Women expect to get areola free appearance of their nipples.
  • Sometimes the weight gain and breast implants impact the areola size. So, the women decide to apply this process.
  • Women feel enlarged and stretched areola. They like to apply the areola reduction process.

Your Better Expectation with Areola Reduction

Nipple removal surgery is a very simple process. It is normally an outpatient basis surgery. There is no more complexity with this surgery.

This surgery takes only one to two hours to complete properly. An incision is made with the areola area. After incision, some pigmentation areas are removed. Then the incision is closed properly.

Now you can go to your home and can take a shower. You can also start your normal activity just after few days from your surgery.

If necessary, you can go for a visit with your selected surgeon. You should meet your surgeon just after one week of your surgery.

You will not get any suture-removal process. This areola production is a very normal process. You can see some scars but these are not permanent. These scars will be removed with time.

Your Better Expectation with Areola Reduction
Areola Reduction Surgery 

What do you need to do first before your Surgery?

You need to learn a complete assessment with the consultation first. You need to know about the impact of areola reduction before and after. A thorough review is needed for you-

  • Select the most appropriate procedure first
  • A complete discussion is important for you to know the common side effects and risks of the selected surgery.
  • Select a suitable for you based on your activities.
  • Set up the first and second meetings with your consultant.
  • You should set a meeting with your consultation after some days.
  • Consultants are dedicated to providing all services to their patients. So, keep trying to know all information about your surgery.
  • Preparing the processes in case of side effects after surgery.
  • Now you can go for your surgery.

Preparation for surgery

An appointment is needed before the nipple surgery reduction. During the appointment, your dr. will perform some works like-

  • Need to examine breasts
  • You have to listen to your aesthetic concerns
  • You need to go different surgical options

The dr. will give you some instructions for your preparation before surgery. Some important restrictions are necessary to get the positive areola reduction surgery results

  • You need to avoid different armful medications like ibuprofen, aspirin, etc.
  • You have to maintain fasting just before the previous day of surgery. The anesthesia can be applied
  • It is very important to take a fresh shower before surgery.
  • Avoid all makeup and cosmetic items on the surgery day
  • You have to remove all jewelry items from your body during surgery
  • You have to wear a loose-fitting dress.
  • Your dress should be very soft and comfortable.  

Surgery Cost

You have to know the full areola reduction surgery cost. These include the cost of hospital, surgical, and anesthetic for your surgery. You can know it by phoning or appointment with a practice manager of a hospital. Generally, cosmetic surgeries are not covered by health insurance companies. The male nipple reduction surgery cost will be the same. 

The areola reduction cost depends on some different factors. These factors include-

  • Hospital cost
  • Surgical cost
  • Fee of surgeon
  • Cost of Anesthesia
  • Medication cost
  • Cost of post-surgery processes
  • Cost of different medical tests

Your aftercare of surgery is covered with different costs. So, you do need not any extra payment for nipple reduction surgery costs. These costs include dress changing, sutures removal, wound care recovery cost, etc.  

Surgery Time

You have to admit to a hospital or surgical clinic. After arriving in the hospital, the nurse will offer you some processes-

  • You have to wear a hospital gown.
  • Stay without any bra is important.
  • Now, you need to check blood pressure
  • It will be very important to sleep properly with medicine
  • The dr. will monitor your heart rate  

Now the dr. starts the surgery process-

  • The doctor will start to cut a doughnut-shaped tissue of your areola areas.
  • This incision will be made in the border area of the areola. Here you can hide the start very easily.
  • The doctor uses generally dissolvable stitches for closing the created incision.
  • He will secure an areola in the side of your breasts.    

Instructions after Surgery

There are no hard instructions from the doctor. Some normal instructions need to be followed. You will notice the change of plastic surgery areola reduction before and after. These will be helpful to maintain the expected shape of the areola shape and your nipples.-

  • Some areas can be swelled. You should use ice on the swelling areas of the areola.
  • You should not lift anything more than one kg weight.
  • For some days you need to avoid bending.
  •  You should wear a support bra. This bra can be used for the first three weeks from your surgery day.

Different Risks & Complications

The areola is a surgical procedure. Generally, there are some risks and complications with this procedure. A fully qualified surgeon with different pieces of training can reduce the areola reduction.

The areola reduction procedure is almost safe. But it can produce some risks and complications like-

  • Sensation loss

 Your doctor will try to reduce the risks. But sometimes you may feel a temporary loss of your breast sensation. This is a common and temporary problem.

  • Breastfeeding retardation

There can be a risk of inability to breastfeed after areola reduction. The milk ducts can be damaged. But this risk is rare. Sometimes, mothers can be unable to breastfeed their babies in the future.

  • Scarring problem

Some scares can be seen sometimes. The severity of the scares is different. The severity varies. Sometimes it stayed. The scares can vanish easily. These scares can be lighter and darker. You can improve your scars with areola tattooing.

  • Infection problem

All patients can eliminate the infection risks. It is possible by taking proper aftercare of areola reduction surgery. It will be very helpful for them.

After surgery  

Most of the time, the areola reduction patients are ready to go home soon. They can be discarded from the hospital within a short time. Due to anesthesia, the patient may be drowsy. The area of your incisions can be sore. So, you should go home with help of someone just after surgery.

Must take help with your supporter. No need to go home alone. You should not go home alone at all. Be conscious and take care with the advice of your consultant. There will be a vital change of nipple reduction before and after.

Impact of Surgery-1st & 2nd Day

The first and second days just after surgery are very important. The patient may be very tired due to anesthesia and sore from their surgery. They can feel much discomfort in their movement and daily activities. Your surgeon will provide a prescription for removing pain. He will provide medicine for discomfort sensation. The discomfort will improve just within three days from the surgery period. To get back to normal life, every patient should maintain the medicine properly. Contact the consultation if feel any major problem with the medicine.

Awareness of First Two Weeks

The first two weeks after surgery are very important for improvement. We have already mentioned some facts before. Some other important facts should be noticed carefully. These are-

  • You will be experienced with all physical problems within the first two weeks.
  • You can feel some bad experiences in the areas of the surgery. The different bad sensation is caused for the swelling of the breasts. Proper treatment should be needed. This sensation will be disappeared within six weeks after the surgery.
  • The doctor will remove your stitches within the first few days after the surgery.
  • You have to take proper care with the required medicines.
  • To help the healing process, the patient should sleep on her back. She needs to sleep like this way up to seven days after the surgery.
  • A special surgical bra is highly recommended for this time. After surgery, you can wear a soft sports bra at all times. You should wear this special bra at all times for few days after the surgery. You have to leave the bra if it is right for you. It can cause your skin problem.            

When can you Start Normal Activities after Areola Surgery?

You have to start your general activities soon. This situation is normal for you. But for your proper recovery, you need to follow some important general guidelines-

  • You have to avoid driving within two days just after your surgery.
  • You need to avoid sex for a minimum of more than six days after your surgery.
  • You should go outside wearing a bra for a minimum of one week after your surgery.
  • Avoid exercise just after your surgery. 
  • You should start your exercise after two to three weeks.


You will understand the improvement of areola reduction surgery within a few weeks. Some problems may retard to get the result late.

Your breasts will settle down into their right position. You will notice that improvement soon. You will notice the reduction of the areola around your breasts. You may notice a ring-shaped scar with your reduced areola.

Your doctor may provide you with medicine to remove the appearance of scars. You need to make an appointment with your doctor in an emergency case-

  • High fever
  • Severe pain
  • Redness and severe inflammation
  • Slow healing
  • Leaking your incision part
  • Unnecessary and excess eczema

Alternative Way to Areola Reduction

The treatment of areola reduction is much effective and fruitful. This process is very simple. Most people recommend this process. You have to lose your overweight first. Then you can apply this areola reduction procedure. You can reduce your overweight with the size and shape of the nipples. This process is also perfect for male nipple reduction.  

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

What kind of surgery is an areola reduction?

The areola reduction is completely a risk-free surgery process. This process improves the complete breast and repairment. This reduction process involves breast reduction, breast augmentation, breast lift, etc.

Is it possible to reduce the size of breast areolas?

Areolas vary in different shapes, sizes, colors, etc. The differentiation is normally based on age and other factors. The women can change the size and shape of their breast areolas as their best expectation.

Is it safe to go home after areola reduction?

General anesthesia is more powerful than local. You can able to go to your home after areola reduction with local anesthesia.

What should I expect after areola reduction surgery?

The patients always focus on their areola reduction process. They want the most beautiful and attractive look. They simply get the areola-free breasts with their expectations.

How big should my areola be in relation to my breast?

The areola size generally depends on the size and shape of your breasts. Normally, the areola is about thirty percent of the breast size.

Where can I get an areola reduction done?

The areola reduction is general surgery. This process is mostly completed with normal local anesthesia. Some doctors perform this surgery in a room with asleep.

Final Words

The areola reduction is a completely safe and easy surgery. There is no way to reduce this areola except for areola reduction surgery. The areola patients should select an experienced consultant and surgeon. With maintaining proper guidance and care the patient will be cured within a short time. So, without worrying, just take the best decision and fulfill your expectation.