Apps VS Websites – What You Should Know

If you are a new business owner or are trying to grow a community of some sort, you may be thinking about this question already.

What is the best way to connect with and engage your customers or audience that also makes sense with your endeavor? Is it by building and creating an app? Or building and creating a website.

In this blog post, we will go over the main aspects of this choice that you should really think about before making a final decision.

The biggest element that will influence your decision is cost efficiency, you obviously do not want to be losing a ton of money and not getting anything worth it back.

Now, let’s get into it.

The difference between an app and a website

A website must be accessed online. A website is always under one domain name and is normally produced by one or more persons or an organization. Websites can be accessed by anybody with an internet connection and a device to navigate the internet.

An app utilizes the device’s hardware and software elements and normally produces a more useful, instinctive, and quicker user experience. To be able to access an app, the user must first download it on their device. It also requires special adaptations for each functional system on the device.

One of the biggest things to also keep in mind is the fact that websites and apps can crash, though when an app crashes, the problem usually lies with the user.

When a website crashes, the problem is not on the users’ side. A great way to avoid website crashes is to get some extra IPv4 address space, check out for more information on how you can get some.

What questions to ask yourself

Both an app and a website have great uses for someone wanting to connect with their audience or to get one from scratch. But if you know what exactly it is you want specifically, then the answer to the question ‘App or website’ will be much easier to answer. 

Here are a few questions you should know the answer to that will help you make your decision. The main question is this:

  • What do you expect your website or app to do for your business or other venture?

Some follow-up questions you should think about are these, along with what we suggest would be a good choice to make:

  • Do you want to increase the awareness of your brand?

If brand awareness is your main goal for an app or website, then we recommend using an app for that. Apps are known to enhance brand awareness as well as brand visibility.

  • Do you care about special content-oriented features?

If you care about that, then an app would accommodate that better than a website could. Though if content-oriented features are not necessary to you, then a website will work just fine.