Have you left a job, experience, or group in the past because you didn’t feel appreciated? No one ever said, “thank you,” or no one ever acknowledged you or your input?

The number one reason employees leave their job is because they do not feel appreciated. Companies with strategic employee recognition plans in place report that they have a 71% higher engagement level among their staff than companies without the program. Employees who are recognized and rewarded are happier, more productive and invested in their company’s mission. Conversely, did you know that disengaged workers cost the economy $300 billion a year?

Showing employee appreciation can motivate them, resulting in improved workplace culture, teamwork, employee retention, and improved customer or client satisfaction.

Here are three simple ways to show appreciation and make people feel valued:

  1. Acknowledge it! Acknowledge what you’re seeing, what you’re noticing, or the email you are reading. It is easy to observe and articulate appreciation with a simple ‘I appreciate you did this’ or ‘I saw this and great work!’ Positive reinforcement rarely goes unnoticed.
  2. Start with a Thank You, not with an “I’m sorry” when making an acknowledgment. “Thank you for your patience,” “thank you for that message,”
    “thank you for getting back to me,” etc. It’s much more substantial to begin with appreciation than an apology. There is a difference between “Thank you for the reminder” and “I’m sorry I missed this.” Of course, apologize when you need to!
  3. Show your Appreciation It doesn’t have to be flowers, a muffin basket, or other goodies. Hand-written thank you notes are not dead. A visual reminder can make the recipient feel unique and essential. You can show someone you appreciate them by taking an interest in their life; “How is the wedding planning going?” or “How is your mother feeling?.” Another positive impact you can have on someone else is to post messages publicly on your social media; “I’m so proud of the best team in the world!” or “Happy Birthday to the best manager in the business!”

In a world that is increasingly fraught with bad news, unrest and a lingering pandemic, practicing appreciation is simple, powerful and most importantly kind.

About Kerri Garbis

Kerri Garbis is the Founder and CEO of Ovation and has trained hundreds of business professionals internationally throughout her career as a professional actress, entrepreneur, and speaking coach. She is a Professional Speech Writer certified by the Professional Speechwriters Association, a Business Etiquette Expert certified by The Emily Post Institute, an Emotional Intelligence Expert certified by The Hay Group. Her dedication to dynamic, user-tailored content has helped ensure that every Ovation consultant delivers the highest level of client-focused professional training. Visit https://www.getovation.com/ to learn more.