Animaker App is a Content Creator’s Video Making Paradise

I have always wondered how content creators and influencers make their videos look very lively. They don’t just stick to the filters available on various social media platforms. They up a notch and add special effects, text animations, etc., from external applications.

The creator in me has always been curious to find and try them. But, whenever I explore a new app from the Appstore, I end up disappointed. Either because the app features aren’t very engaging or because they charge you a lot of money.

That’s when I came across the Animaker App. I did a quick search and discovered that they had earned the trust of 16 million+ users on the web application. And to support their users further, they have made their entry into the iOS Appstore with a mobile app.

So I decided to give it a go and downloaded the app. Because whenever I checked on How to become a content creator, I saw the importance of this software.

Once I started using it, I was very comfortable with the interface. I was not bombarded with tons of information on how to use the app; instead, I was provided with a clear 2-minute video on how I can use the app to create videos in a matter of seconds.

This uncomplicated approach impressed me further, and I tried out their video creator. I was trying to create a story post for my friend’s birthday. The app already had a handful of creative templates that I could easily choose and customize.

After choosing the template, I could effortlessly change the content by swapping the existing text and images. By far, this was the simplest and easiest experience I have had using a video making application.

In fact, I noticed that I created my first video within a minute. And I was very satisfied with the results.

The app also had an advanced editing option. When I explored it, I was blown app by how detailed you can create your video using the Animaker App.

Though I was a Free Plan user, I had access to multiple pro editing features. The top two features that stood out to me were

10 Million+ Stock Images & Stock Videos

It’s clear that the Animaker App has integrated with top stock asset providers such as Getty, Giphy, Pexels, and Pixabay to provide their users with free high-quality assets (Images & Videos). This has helped me avoid googling and straining to find a good-quality image.

Dynamic Special Effects

The Special Effects feature is a clear standout among other pro features. With just a tap, I could add very engaging special effects to my videos. It helped me breathe a sigh of relief. Finally, I found an app that helps me add stunning special effects, just like the one’s influencers and content creators add!

Some of the other notable pro-features worthy of mention are

i) 70k+ Properties to detail your video

ii) Smart Move Animation

iii) Scene Transitions

iv) Text Animations

So, all in all, the Animaker App is a must-have for users looking to create content on a daily basis. Especially those who are looking to improve their engagement!

I rate it 4.75/5.

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