Americans Best Train Journeys Ranked

America is a beautiful country to travel in by train and there are a number of spectacular train trips that you could take on if you’re interested in seeing more of the country and stopping in famous places along the way. Here are some of the best train journeys ranked in the United States right now:

The Coast starlight line

The Coast starlight line runs from Seattle to Los Angeles with a stop in Portland. The Pacific parlor car is an excellent way to experience this West Coast train journey. At 36 hours you’ll see some of the beautiful coastlines as well as experienced a stop in one-of-a-kind Portland. Whether you’re going to be traveling out to the West Coast or you’d simply like to kick back and enjoy a coastal train trip, with waterfalls, urban views, and mountain passes,  this is a great train excursion to take in the United States once-in-a-lifetime.

Empire builder

Empire builder runs from Chicago to St. Paul to Seattle in a 46-hour one-way trip. It traces along portions of the Lewis and Clark trail moving through the Mississippi River, Montana’s big sky, and the glacier national park. There are beautiful long titles as well as some of the best national Park views on any train route in the United States.

California Zephyr

The California Zephyr carries along the track of some of the California gold rush and the transcontinental line from San Francisco. Running from Chicago to Emeryville San Francisco, this 51-hour journey goes through the mining history of the old west and embraces authentic stagecoach stops.

Consider some of these top train journeys if you’d like to experience the romance and history of American rail!

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