All You Need to Know About Compost

Using compost in a garden is one of the best ways to improve your soil and plant growth. Adding compost to the soil improves the growth of your plants as well as enhance the looks of your garden. You can easily make compost at home, making use of organic materials such as dried leaves, vegetable waste, and eggshells.

Many things are used to make compost that is easily available in every home and garden. It is always better to learn things before practicing them. Therefore, you need to learn how to make and use compost before using it in your garden. Let us know everything about compost in this post.

How is compost made?

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Compost is made by recycling organic waste through natural decomposition. Compost contains dead flowers, dried leaves, fruit and vegetable residues that break down into a nutrient-rich substance. It is also available at stores that sell landscaping materials. However, it is cheap and very beneficial if you create it at your home. Also, if you store your compost pile at home, you can use it at any time.

Things you should not use to make compost.

You can use lawn clippings, dry leaves, small twigs, weeds, egg peels, fruit and vegetable waste and kitchen scraps to make compost. Never use things like meat, fish, salad dressings, dairy products, cheese, or leftover cooking oil to make compost. You can also use wood chips and tree bark to make compost but they will take longer to decompose and require perfect conditions of temperature and moisture.

How to make compost?

Composting is easy to make at home with the right equipment and exact proportions of ingredients. You should keep some vegetables and some brown ingredients in your compost. Green substances such as grass clippings, flowers, green twigs, vegetable waste, coffee grounds are rich sources of nitrogen, which are essential for plant growth.

On the other hand, for example, branches, dry leaves, sawdust, cardboard, and brown clay are sources of carbon. In addition to the green and brown matter, it is necessary to add water. In simple words, you can add some green material and some brown material and an equal amount of water to get nutrient-rich compost in a period of few weeks.

Advantages of adding compost to garden soil

Compost improves the soil.

Many homeowners and gardeners do not create a good mix of soil for their gardens. If your soil is hard, dense, sandy or rocky, then you need to add compost to improve fertility and water retention. When you add compost to the soil, it will become brown, brittle and full of nutrients for plant growth.

Provides balanced nutrients for plant growth.

Even if your garden soil is full of nutrients, it will not last forever. Nutrients decrease in each growing season as the roots of plants consume them for their growth. Therefore, you need to enrich the soil with nutrients every season so that the plants get them to grow.

No commercial fertilizer, organic or synthetic, can provide all the nutrients to the soil. When you add compost to the soil, you do not need to use any fertilizer.

The compound stimulates microorganisms.

Many microorganisms are born during the preparation of compost. The decomposition of organic materials and the action of bacteria and fungi produce microorganisms that are beneficial for soil and plant growth.

It also contains vitamins, minerals, enzymes and natural antibiotics that protect plant roots from harmful pathogens. Microorganisms such as earthworms and centipedes open pathways in the soil so that air and water can reach the roots of plants.

Compost improves the aeration.

Aeration is essential for the flow of air and adequate drainage in the soil. Adding compost to the soil improves aeration and drainage in the soil that allows the air to circulate and reach the roots of plants. It also prevents the soil from becoming too compact and maintains moisture in the soil to keep the roots moist even in warm weather conditions.

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Final thoughts

Compost is one of the best things you can offer your plants. It acts as an organic fertilizer for plants and improves plant health. Not only it improves the fertility of your garden soil but it also protects your plants from harmful microorganisms and harsh conditions. In addition, it prevents the soil from being too compact but retains the roots well to support the plant.

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