Surrogacy in Belgium

Surrogacy is practiced regularly in many Belgium clinics. But it is not regulated under the law. An surogacy in Belgium – leihmutter belgien is not practiced at the legislative level.Commercial surrogacy is completely illegal in Belgium.

Belgium Legislation           

In 2015, a law “bearing children for others” passed by the Belgian Senate. It prohibits surrogacy. Many international conferences and exhibitions on new reproductive technologies are annually held at Belgium Soil. Many gay couples visit here to find and surrogate and agreed with her. The surrogate mother is the mother of the child born legally.

Surrogate Mother Belgium

Many clinics are offering their services to the intended couples. Gestational surrogacy is performed via IVF procedure in the clinics that take care of the intended couples. They transfer the embryo from intended parents into the uterus of the surrogate mother. There are no genetic links of the surrogate mother with the child born. The practice is not completely illegal but legal advice is necessary.

  • In Belgium surrogate should be a family member or a family friend because paying a surrogate is completely prohibited.
  • A surrogate is a woman under the age of 40. She must be physically, mentally, and psychologically fit.
  • The first consultation with a psychiatrist and gynecologist is separate for both the surrogate and intended couples. But the second consultation is combined before the psychologist.
  • When all the agreements are made they together visit the gynecologist to complete all administrative requirements and arrange the treatment. Then synchronize the cycles and place the embryo in the surrogate’s uterus.

Surrogacy in Ukraine                                                                             

Many reproductive centers are working in Ukraine. Intended couples from the world visit these clinics for finding the desired surrogates. They visit Ukraine to avoid problems with the law.

Surrogate Mother Ukraine

In Ukraine surrogates agreed with the intended couples. Paying a surrogate is legal in the country. Surrogate offer service to infertile couples but no to single and gay couples.

  • The surrogate must be a woman age 18-35.
  • She must be physically and psychologically healthy. And must have a healthy baby before know all the complexities and procedures of reproduction.
  • The desired surrogates can be found in the clinics. The clinics made a contract with the surrogates.
  • Psychological counseling is offered to the surrogate of Ukraine to check its state of mind.
  • Leihmutter ukraine offered its service at affordable rates to the couples. She charged for the food, medical checkups, clothes, and food.
  • If the surrogate is married her spouse must be consent to the agreement.

Surrogate Mother Czech

Surrogacy is legally practiced in the Czech since 2014 after the use of civil code. The law does not directly allow or prohibit surrogacy. The laws on parental rights are complicated. The intended parents are required to adopt the child born. Only non-commercial surrogacy is legal. Main difference for leihmutter kosten tschechien is that these women can carry the child of many married and unmarried couples. She should be healthy and fit and goes through series of tests and hire her when all tests are negative.

Cost of Czech Surrogate

Paying a surrogate is not allowed in the Czech. Czech surrogate mothers get only essential charges i.e for clothes, food, IVF procedure, and medical checkups. Surrogates give birth free of cost for intended couples. The surrogacy program costs 36,000 to 50,000 Euros on average.


In Belgium surrogate mothers are the legal mother of a child born. A child born immediately given to the intended parents. They offer service at reasonable prices. In Ukraine, intended parents adopt the child from the surrogate after the birth. In Czech surrogacy is a criminal act and giving birth is free of cost agencies made agreements with the parents and charge only for essential expenses.

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