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Passing off of someone closed to the heart can be very disturbing and upsetting. Though nothing can share the pain of the personal loss, exquisite funeral remembrance cards can be their reason to pass a smile on you. When a person is no more, a memorial service is organised in order to honour and remember that person. Though celebrated like an event, people attending it are required to dress conservatively and keep silent during the function.

Memorial service is a meet which though anyone can organize, but traditionally, it is arranged by closed family members or friends. It’s a meet of the closed ones of the deceased who pay a visit in respect of their loss. Though traditionally, people used to arrange it in a church, chapel or any other worship place, in today’s time, people do choose various other venues which the deceased might be attached to in order to shower his love.

What is the difference between a memorial remembrance service and a funeral?

If we compare a memorial service with a funeral, though they are almost similar, the only two differences would be that – one there’s nobody or ashes present at the time of a memorial, while it is at the time of a funeral. And second, a funeral is always held just after the death of a person, while memorial service can be arranged days or weeks later. With such funeral items, you can easily make the funeral services memorable. 

What is the attire for attending a memorial service?

Typically pre-decided attire for a funeral or the same for a memorial service can’t go wrong and casual. By can’t go wrong, I mean, it should be any subdued colour that does not catch the attention of others. If we talk about this traditionally, black is the ultimate colour of mourning. Men have a safe and simple attire to carry, that is, a black suit with a tie and black shoes, while women should be required to choose out of a conservative dress, pantsuit, or skirt. And mostly the attendees of the memorial receive an invite where the dress code and the gathering ambience is already briefed about. From Obituary Personalization to awesome funeral items, you’ll have everything with the best Funeral Personalization services. 

What to expect at a memorial service?

Firstly, be kind and carry catholic funeral prayer cards and most importantly, do not forget to arrive on time. Once you arrive at the venue, grab a seat and sit quietly in order to pay respect to a person’s loss. In case the family decides to follow the traditional faiths of the deceased, then it is surely better for the attendees to do a bit of research and ask the family and friends about the specific beliefs and rituals.

Though a normal memorial service is no longer than thirty minutes, in case the person was well known or there are extra readings and speeches, then it may last longer. Family and friends gather to give respect to the deceased person. At a memorial service, there isn’t anybody or ash of the person no more; instead, a framed photograph or an urn is majorly the focal point.

What are the etiquettes to follow while attending a memorial service?

Though many are already mentioned in the above-written description, yet some additional memorial service etiquettes are as follows:

  • Your cell phone should be switched off while you attend the event.
  • It is very important to arrive on time as it’s disrespectful to disrupt the function in the middle.
  • Don’t forget to sign the guest book.
  • Be careful of what you speak.
  • Be soft and carry some funeral remembrance cards and bouquets.

What after a memorial service is over?

Once the formal and traditional memorial service is completed, a family might plan a reception after that just like a funeral reception. Being much more casual and interactive, the attendees share their memories and experiences with the person deceased. It isn’t required to be held in the same location; people do book a lawn for stand-up reception with evening snacks or a decent restaurant for a sit-down dinner. Apart from this, some families also find it better to throw the reception at the deceased person’s home. This kind of reception is often accompanied by a lavish buffet and drinks. Typically in the weeks following the funeral service a memorial stonemason would be contacted to craft a stone to finalise the grave.

A loss for someone close is surely very heart-filling, but all you can do to make up to them is a warm hug, along with beautiful catholic funeral prayer cards and flowers.

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