Aged Care: One Of The Fastest-Growing Industries In Australia

Aged care is defined as the support services provided to older people either in an aged care facility or house. Various responsibilities of an aged care worker can include help in everyday activities, health care, and accommodation. Eligible people get aged care services funded by the Australian Government.

Aged Care: Support For Older Australians As They Age

With age, it becomes challenging for people to do all things on their own. They may require assistance in health problems, cleaning, or movements. Thus, aged care includes a range of services, which are as follows.

  • Helping with daily living, such as cooking, housework, shopping, or social gatherings.
  • Helping in using equipment like walking frames.
  • Supporting in-home modifications like handrails or ramps.
  • Providing health care like helping in medicines and nursing.
  • Providing suitable accommodation if one cannot live in the home.

For an aged person, aged care can benefit a lot. It helps them remain connected to the community, makes them more independent, assists in taking care of health and safety and meeting all the socio-cultural requirements.

What Are The Types Of Aged Care Services?

Once you complete aged care training Perth college, you can go for any aged care services as follows.

  • Home care

As a home care worker, you will be responsible for providing support to help your client stay independent. You can help them with various things like cooking, transport, personal care, household work, shopping, home modifications, physical and social activities.

  • Residential care

As a residential care worker, you have to work in any aged care facility or a nursing home and provide services to those people who can no longer stay at home due to unavoidable reasons and require continuous assistance with daily activities or health care.

  • Short-term care

Short-term care is also known as after-hospital or respite care, mostly given after an elderly person returns from hospital following prolonged treatment. You can help such a person to improve their wellbeing and independence. Short-term care services can be provided in the client’s home, community, or an aged care home. 

How Can Older People Access Aged Care?

An older person has to go through an assessment to check whether they are eligible for government funding. If qualified, the person can get some help with the costs. However, if someone fails to meet the eligibility, they can avail of the privately available funding. These private funds can be accessed at any time. 

Who Can Be Eligible To Access Funding?

For an older adult to become eligible for government funding, the age should be at least 65. For Aboriginals or Torres Strait Islanders, 50 years will do.

The Aged Care System InAustralia: A Growing Industry

The well-structured aged care system in Australia helps older Australians to lead independent lives in their own homes. If they can no longer stay in their houses, support and accommodation are available in residential and aged care facility centres. In addition, they can even get adequate funding from the Government. The key features of the aged care system in the country are as follows.

  1. The Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission puts special focus on quality, compliance monitoring, and accreditation.
  2. The Department of Health supervises the whole system and makes policies.
  3. The Aged Care Pricing Commissioner assesses the fee structure.

According to statistics, about more than 1.3 million older people had received some aged care. A large number of people got home-based support and maintenance, and a few had received residential care.

What Is The Basic Eligibility To Become An Aged Care Worker?

If you want to make a career in this rapidly growing industry, you must complete an aged care course from a reputed institute. You can attend a Certificate 3 in Aged Care Perth or a Certificate IV in Aged Care from the same. Certificate 3 courses will teach you all the basic skills to get a good start in your career. On the other hand, Certificate 4 course is a higher-level course, and you can learn a lot of advanced technical skills that can help you in professional development.

Flexible care

Flexible care is for those elderly persons who may require a different type of care approach relative to that offered by traditional home and residential support services. Under the Act, there are four categories of flexible care.

  • Transition care

This care gets joint funding from Australian and state, and territorial governments and offers up to 12 weeks of rehabilitation and care after getting discharged from the hospital. It allows people to come back home instead of going for residential care.

  • Short-term restorative care

Also termed as STRC, this care has a similar objective compared to transition care. Still, it can be available to those people who have experienced a setback or deterioration in the function instead of a hospital stay. A package of services is included in this care, which is delivered for a maximum of eight weeks. These services aim to improve the person’s wellbeing and ability to perform daily tasks at home. Australian Government subsidizes this care package.

  • Multi-Purpose Services Programme

Abbreviated as MPS, this programme offers integrated care and health services for people living in rural and remote areas. Under this programme, funding is provided by both the Australian Government and the state or territory government for those areas where there is a lack of quality hospitals or aged care facilities. 

  • Innovate Care Programme 

This very programme includes a small number of places covered by pilot projects of innovative home care support and services. When individual care recipients leave the areas, places cease, and this programme allows no new places. The Australian Government subsidizes these places, too. 


This article may give you an impression of the whole scenario of the aged care sector in Australia. For information related to aged care courses offer in Perth, you can refer to the top consultants. Their team will give a prompt reply.

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