Advice for teens to deal with a car accident smartly

Teens are usually immensely excited to receive their driving license. As soon as they get it, they plan to visit their friend’s house and movies without the requirement of being accompanied by their parents. Out of excitement, they often forget to follow the traffic rules or get high about driving above the normal speed and this is when they face fatal road accidents. 

Having the knowledge of the dos and don’ts of car accidents can help your teen ease off the tension and resolve issues that may get serious later on. Though all accidents are unique, you should prepare your teen in such a way that they don’t get puzzled about reacting wisely after an accident. 

Steps to take before your teen steps on the road

If you’re a parent reading this post, you should take the following steps before allowing your teen to drive on road:

  • Download the insurance mobile app and set it up. This will help you have a digital copy of the insurance card and also the contact details of the insurance agent. 
  • Learn how to utilize the camera of the mobile phone to click pictures of the damage caused due to the accident.
  • Ensure the registration and insurance card are present inside the vehicle.

Steps a teen should take after an accident

Whenever your teen faces an accident, the first thing to ask is whether or not anyone is hurt. Call 911 for emergency services. The next step is to ensure your teen is safe. You have to safely get out of the way by taking the following steps:

  •  Move the vehicles to a safe spot if you find the cars to be drivable. In short, the car should be out of the main traffic route.
  • Switch on the hazard lights to let others know.
  • If it’s safe, move out of the vehicle.
  • In case the car is no longer safe to drive, utilize the mobile app for further assistance.

When the teen has landed in a safe location, the teen should inform the police and relate how serious or crucial the crash was. If there are minor accidents, the teen should file a report with the police on their own. He can also get in touch with car accident attorneys Los Angeles for professional help.

Things your teen should never do after a car accident

While your teen knows the steps to take after an accident, does he know the things that he should never do post an accident? Here are the steps:

  • Never leave the site of the accident
  • Never sign any document from anyone apart from the police
  • Don’t blame anyone else or accept your fault

What to do after a teen reports an accident

Determination of fault and coverage will outline how other costs and repairs will be paid for. Once the process of claim is completed, the insurance rate of the teen will be adjusted. Whenever a teen doesn’t follow the steps post an accident, it could hurt them later on. Teens need to document the accident properly to avoid future discrepancies. 

Therefore, when your teen faces an accident, he should keep in mind all the advice given above. Drive watchfully as your life is precious enough.