In the modern world, the habit of spending their free time in front of a monitor screen, playing a game with their friends, is widespread. This habit is especially evident in the adolescent generation. Of course, many people will say that this is a waste of time, that it develops cruelty and the like. But why, in our time, more and more people sit down at the computer to start the game? Let’s check out what are the Advantages And Disadvantages of Online Games.

First of all, by playing an online game, you can make a bunch of friends in an environment unusual for our world (when completing quests, for example). This is very helpful for those people who are closed or fixated on themselves.

These games also help develop imagination. The beauty of the landscapes, the terrifying appearance of the monster – these are quite large works of artists. The creators of computer games themselves are currently trying to make them as realistic as possible, and this applies not only to graphics but also to the gaming system itself. Games have almost everything that is in real life: food, friendship, enmity, love, children, clothes, and even pets. It has been noted that lucid dreams are very common among avid gamers in the RPG genre.

Some may think that games are dull, but is it really so? To be a good player, you need to think well. In the same online strategies, you need to calculate your own moves and the actions of your enemies in order to win.

An important advantage of computer games is the ability to make money on them. Yes, the eSports phenomenon has raised the interest of all players. All kinds of gaming tournaments with cash rewards are popular in the world. But tournaments are not the only way to make money. It is enough to look at famous bloggers who earn money from the fact that other people just look at how these same bloggers are playing something.

Now about the cons. The main disadvantage is undoubtedly the loss of a lot of time. In online games, there is no ultimate goal, no matter how developed the game character is, he can become even stronger (you need to add: to get a strong enough character, you will have to invest more than one month), no matter how powerful the enemy is, there will always be another one. more powerful than the previous one. Thus, the player is simply lost in the game itself, leaving his mind in a virtual world that does not lead anywhere.

The next disadvantage can be the players themselves, their desire to win very often borders on aggression, so when playing, you can hear a lot of well-known indecent words and messages, which jars the feeling of the gameplay a little.

It should also be said about the waste of money. In order to get a big advantage over others, some players invest real money in this or that game. Sometimes the game itself forces this because the developers also need to live on something, so they lure the player with promises to quickly strengthen the character, to complete difficult tasks, or the like.

Thus, the players should learn to know when to stop, to determine the periods when to stop. After all, if something is used correctly, this something can be very useful.

Disadvantages of online games

The main disadvantage is the addiction that computer games can cause (mostly online games). You cannot get rid of it on your own, it is best to seek help from a specialist.  

A person who is addicted to the game spends all his time playing and only occasionally can leave the computer. In such people, problems with appetite, sleep begin, and the psyche is disturbed. The worst thing is that at first the addiction is almost invisible, but the further, the worse.

Children and adolescents are especially vulnerable to addiction. Their not fully formed psyche is easily influenced by games. The perception of time slows down in children and it seems to them that only a few minutes have passed at the time when a couple of hours have already flown by.

Do not forget about the influence of computer games on adults. Today, gambling addiction is on a par with alcohol and drug addiction. Gambling addiction is increasingly the reason for the breakup of young families. After all, no one wants to live with a person who constantly sits at a computer. Also, over time, addicted people become more aggressive, absent-minded. They lose their family and job, which leads to deep depression.

As a rule, the majority of online computer games require an investment of real money. Which is subsequently converted into virtual currency and spent to develop the virtual character. So money starts to disappear from the family budget, and over time, the number of investments will only increase.

Advantages of online games

As it turns out, online computer games can be beneficial.

There are many games that are aimed at developing logic, memory, attention, and thinking. These include puzzles, logic, strategies. For example, there is some online casino that needs huge patience and intelligence to win. It is undoubtedly a great source of fun with some rational thinking.

Games have been developed even for the smallest users aged 3 to 5 years. They will teach the kid letters and numbers, talk about animals and plants, and will have a beneficial effect on the development of hand motor skills, memory, and ear for music.

Special online games for schoolchildren will help them to better assimilate school material, teach them various methods of solving a given problem, give in-depth knowledge of a specific discipline, and help in learning a foreign language.


As you can see, they can be both harmful and useful. But both of them should take from us no more than 1-2 hours a day, because, besides computer games, there are so many interesting things in life.