A bathtub is the centre point of bathroom décor and functionality. Nothing can compete for the comfort of a long soak in a comfortable bathtub to relax and unwind. At present, two of the most trending bathtubs are- acrylic tub and fiberglass tub. And, today we will compare acrylic vs fiberglass tub to decide the best choice for you.

Besides providing the unequalled comfort, the bathtub also adds to the aesthetic value of a bathroom. It brings a sense of luxury and gives your bathroom a completely contemporary look that you always wanted.

If you are remodelling your bathroom and looking for a suitable bathtub, you may be confused among the number of choices available in the market. And at present, most of us are confused in acrylic vs fiberglass tub. When choosing a bathtub, among other factors the most important is the durability and robustness of the tub.

How strong a bathtub can be, or how long it will work without losing its new look, depends on the choice of material. The most common budget-friendly range of tubs are made from either fibreglass or acrylic.

You can find an extensive variety of bathtubs in a range of sizes and styles to suit almost every type of bathroom décor and space requirements. If you are wondering which type of bathtub is the ideal to have in your new bathroom, this article will enlighten you will the drawbacks and benefits of both bathtub materials, so you can weigh down which one suits your requirements.

How these two materials are produced?

The basic difference is the type of raw materials and production method used for manufacturing of both types of bathtubs.

To produce an acrylic bathtub, the solid acrylic is heated on a very high temperature to melt it down. This molten raw material is then stretched over a frame. Once the plastic dries up, the shaped tub is taken out of the frame.

The acrylic baths are of two types, in the first type the bathtub has an extra layer of fibreglass for added durability. The second type of acrylic material is mixed with other composites that make it much heavier and durable than the regular acrylic.

The Fiberglass bathtubs are manufactured using the same materials that are often used in the finishing of automobiles. To make a fibreglass tub the mould is sprayed with a polyester resin and then covered by the fibreglass fibres to add shine and strength. The fibreglass bathtubs are much lighter than an acrylic tub and less durable. 

Acrylic bathtubs

The acrylic bathtubs are the most common type of baths in a great variety of size and shapes. They usually come in a high gloss finish and very hard to get scratches. They are very durable and retains the shine for a longer time. The acrylic baths feel warm to the touch while the smooth surface does not get stained and very unfavourable for bacterial growth.

So, you do not have to worry about your pet in the bathroom as an acrylic bathtub is protected against scratches of their claws or child teeth. If you take proper care and maintenance as prescribed by the manufacturer, an acrylic bathtub can last much longer. 

Fibreglass bathtub

The biggest flex of a fibreglass bathtub is they are the most inexpensive as compared to other variants of bathtub materials such as acrylic, stainless steel and cast-iron tubs. If you are looking for a budget-friendly bathtub for a shorter period, the Fiberglass bathtub is the ideal solution. Moreover, Fiberglass bathtubs are very easy to clean and maintain and can last a long time if maintained and used with due care. 

Comparison of an acrylic and fiberglass bathtub characteristics [Acrylic vs Fiberglass Tub]

The comparison of characteristics of an acrylic and a fibreglass bathtub can make the difference and similarities clearer for you.

  • Glossy surface

Both the fibreglass and acrylic bathtubs come with a beautiful shiny surface that makes them look an attractive part of your bathroom décor. The shine of the surface can be maintained for the lifetime of the tub by following proper care guidelines.

  • Budget-Friendly

Both an acrylic and a fibreglass bathtub are much inexpensive as compared to a stone, stainless steel or a cast iron material that makes them a good option when you are looking for a bath within a budget. The Fiberglass bathtub is also cheaper to buy and install than an acrylic tub.

  • Choice of sizes and shapes

Both type bathtubs are available in a large variety of sizes and shapes to suit almost every type of bathroom décor and space. You get the true freedom of choice to select a bathtub of your preferences.

  • Weight

If we compare the weight of an acrylic and a fibreglass tub, the former is much heavier. Thus, fibreglass is a more suitable choice if your bathroom flooring is not strong enough to support a heavier tub. A fibreglass bathtub is also a better choice for upstairs installations, as it is easy to be transported for its lighter weight. As an acrylic bath is heavier due to its making, you will need support on the floor. 

  • Durability

The fibreglass bathtubs are much thinner as compared to the acrylic tub that makes it easy to brittle and chipping. If you take proper care, the average life of a fibreglass bathtub can be from 10 to 15 years. 

Whereas, an acrylic bathtub is made from composite materials and much thicker and heavy. It also makes it more durable and very hard to brittle. The average lifetime of an acrylic bathtub c with proper care and maintenance can be up to 30 years.

  • Ease of repair

A fibreglass bathtub is much easier and inexpensive to repair. You can refurbish it at home with simple steps of mixing, sanding, and curing by yourself. The repairing of an acrylic bath can be a much-complicated process and could need professional help for it. 

  • Ease of cleaning

Regular cleaning and maintenance are crucial for retaining the glossy finish of your bathtub for a longer period. Fibreglass tubs are finished with getting coat resin that brings the required glass to the bath surface. This thin layer of coating is more prone to the scratches and fading, asking for extra care to retain it for more years. You should never use abrasive chemicals or bleaches to clean the tub, otherwise, you are more likely to end up damaging its coating.

The Acrylic bathtubs are more durable and protected against scratches and colour fading. Thus, in an acrylic bathtub, you can enjoy the beautiful glossy finish for a much longer time. To maintain the bette bath, it is always recommended to avoid abrasive cleaning agents.

So, that’s all for today. We hope that with all these now you guys have a clear idea on the comparison between acrylic vs fiberglass tub. Now, it is your decision: which one is the best for you.