Acoustic Panels and Where to Place Them

The business is growing, and you’ve just moved into your new office and noticed just how noisy it is. Installing some acoustics tiles is probably your first thought. You know they worked well at the old office, so why can’t you install them yourself here? Choosing them is the easy part; styling them with the other office furniture and aesthetics is simple when trying to figure out the best place to install them around the office for the best results.
Commonly people will buy some acoustics panels and place them anywhere that’s convenient, to later find out they don’t work. However, it’s not the fault of the product. That’s like telling your account to take over the marketing department and expecting them to do a good job. Placing acoustic tiles is a big part of their effectiveness in absorbing sound, so here are a few tips to help out with this challenging task.

Height Placement

When it comes to the acoustic wall panels’ placement, height is one of the most important factors to consider. In the office, placement needs to be at head height, so if everyone is sitting down at their desks, think about installing them at around 4-5 foot market. If it’s in a common room, where staff are more likely to stand and chat, 5-6 feet is more appropriate. Catching the sound is important, so place the panels at the same height as the noise source (in this case, the workers) for better results.

Reflection Points

Reflection points are the points in the room that reflect noise back into the room. In an office, these are pretty easy to find, the four walls. But you might have the majority of staff facing one side of the room. If this is the case, you need to consider the possibility of installing more acoustic panels on that wall to absorb all that sound effectively.

Spacing and Symmetry

The spacing of panels is also crucial. It’s important to spread the panels out evenly across all walls in the office. Sound’s going to be coming from every direction, so you need to give the panels the greatest chance to absorb as much sound as possible. Placing them all in one small section limits their impact and only absorbs the sound in that area. It also won’t look that good with a random bunch of tiles in one section. Make the spacing symmetrical, and they will be functional but also look nice and strategic.

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