AA Meetings in Florida – Learning a Few Tips for Dealing with Alcohol Withdrawal

Overcoming alcohol addiction is a long and bumpy road. Most addicts fighting this battle alone lose it only to relapse over and over again till they feel it is an impossible task.

You will meet many members in AA meetings in Florida who will reminisce about the times they thought they would never be sober, and here they are, sober and loving it!

Recovery – a gradual process

Getting the poison of alcohol from the body is not a simple task. While it is doable, it cannot be accelerated in any way as most people find it very tough to manage withdrawal.

Ask anyone in your AA meeting and chances are they will have tried going ‘cold turkey’ many times and failed miserably, till finally they went with a program that helped them to deal with it in a phased manner – slowly and gently. This unrushed process is sure to help most long-term addicts too to recover and gain sobriety.

Tips on coping with withdrawal symptoms 

Withdrawal symptoms can range from mildly unpleasant to severely disturbing. There are many ways to deal with them. 

Some of these are:

  • Don’t do it alone. This journey is best done with the support of family and friends. Ask them to accompany you in your first week of detox as that might be tough to bear alone. 
  • Whenever you feel the urge to drink, think of it as a wave and ride it out – like a surfer. You know the desire to imbibe will crash like a wave and you will slowly be able to bid goodbye to it.
  • Maintain a Sobriety Calculator. This will help you to keep a tab on your moments post your last drink. Every single second you aren’t drunk is a moment of success. Celebrate your milestones – each one of them is precious!
  • Eat well. Having lots of fresh fruits and vegetables will help you to combat cravings. Being full will help you to balance your body sugar too. Alcohol turns to sugar in the body, and having sugar in your system will counteract the need for more.
  • Stay away from your drinking buddies. These enablers will keep snipping away at your efforts to gain sobriety. Avoid their company.
  • Do yoga and meditation. These really help create a balance between the mind and the body. They will help you stay relaxed and mindful of your journey to a better life.
  • Indulge in your old hobbies or develop new ones. This will distract you from giving in to your urges to drink and occupy your time too. 

If you feel you need help with overcoming your addiction and seek company in Florida or any other US state, you can use an AA Meeting Directory to find an aa meeting close to you. Here you will find many companions and friends who will hold your hand through the bad times of withdrawal and cravings and lead you to a sober, enriched life.

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