A Wedding Gone Wild

Every wedding has its moments. Some are happy, some are sad, and others are just plain weird. But what’s the wedding gone wild? What do people think of when they hear that phrase? Well, it can’t be too different from wedding day antics or your wedding might not be worth attending!

Yes there have been weddings where guests were so bored they resorted to throwing food at one another but even worse is when someone’s getting married and you’re invited as a guest and then you find out the bride never RSVPed for you!

You know she was too busy with her wedding plans to remember to invite you! That’s why we want to share these stories about weddings gone wild, so that no one else will ever have their wedding go so wrong!

Here is a wedding gone wild story…

Sinking Boat Wedding Gone Wild Adventure

Do you know how there’s always that one wedding guest who will try to get as drunk as they can as fast as possible? Well, this wedding gone wild story is about a wedding guest who did just that!

The wedding was on a boat and the wedding had a buffet dinner with a few bars for guests to get drinks at. There were also waiters walking around trying to take orders from guests, but one wedding guest seemed determined to make them work extra hard. And this wedding story is about how he did just that! He started by asking the waiters for a drink and then another. And so on. Soon he’d had more drinks than food!

A Wedding Gone Wild

But wedding guests weren’t the only ones working extra hard, the waiters were also doing their jobs as well, taking orders from wedding guests to bring them drinks all night long. But this wedding guest was determined to make them work their hardest. He started telling waiters to bring him all the drinks he could carry, and then he’d give them more orders for drinks on top of that!

Pretty soon the waiters were running around trying to do this wedding guest bidding but they couldn’t keep up with his demands. They had to leave guests waiting for their drinks, and guests started getting angry because they couldn’t get a drink! The wedding was the wedding guest’s problem too now, no one else could even hand him a drink until he’d finished the drink he already had.

The wedding gone wild moment didn’t end there though. This guy was so drunk guests were having to hold him up. The host himself even noticed that this wedding guest was on a mission to get drunk, and asked him if he was okay!

Soon the waiter started passing out while carrying drinks for wedding guests. He staggered around trying to keep guests happy, but one guest pushed the waiter and he fell into one guest sitting behind him. She tried to grab him before he spilled her wine on her dress, but she wasn’t fast enough!

The dinner was not served as a buffet which meant the waiters had to walk guests’ plates over to guests. Well, our wedding gone wild guest decided he was going to challenge the waiters every time they passed him and refused to move his chair!

Well, that wedding went on for a while but eventually, there was no more food the guests could eat. The wedding had to end, and waiters needed to clean up and guests were ready to head on their merry way…well all wedding guests…except for that wild one! That guest was so drunk he wasn’t even aware of the fact that the wedding was over. He just kept eating food and drinking while some guests tried to hold him up.

Suddenly the waiters started passing out, but our wedding guest wasn’t about to let them go down without taking a drink order first! He shouted at the wedding waiters as they walked by and said, ‚ÄúTable ten wants another round of whiskeys!” But the waiters were too busy to notice wedding guest table 10 and it seemed like they would all pass out before the waiters could get them their drinks…

But guests weren’t going down without a fight! They started throwing food at the waiters, trying to get the waiters’ attention. That didn’t do much but dirty up wedding dresses.

Finally, the wedding guest table 10 decided to take matters into his own hands. He stood up and started screaming at the waiters “DRINKS!!!!” Which finally got the waiter’s attention. This only made them more determined not to stop though!

They all walked guest table 10’s food and drink to him, but they didn’t stop! The guest table 10 wasn’t going to be ignored by his waiters. He started chasing other guests around trying pretty much anything to get them to bring drinks and dinner back in his direction since he assumed the waiters would just walk right past him again.

He ended the wedding by tearing up tables and chairs, throwing wedding gift bags at guests’ heads, and knocking wedding presents down the aisle. He even climbed up on a flower display to try to catch the waiters so they would give him the drinks he wanted…but no one came close to seeing what he did next because everyone stopped to watch a guest table 10 climb a wedding display.

The story started to get worse though when wedding guest table 10 fell off the wedding display!

And guest table 10 was still alive. He started running around after he fell, trying to get guests’ attention and demanding drinks from them. He was even running away from wedding waiters who were chasing him to get him out of there.

Finally, wedding guest table 10 walked straight into wedding guest table four’s wedding cake! He was so exhausted from wedding gone wild antics, he couldn’t even get up after the cake was dropped on him. The waiters were able to help the guest table 10 out of there, but they just shooed him away instead of taking care of him.

What a story, hey? I hope you enjoy the story above, please don’t try wedding gone wild yourself!

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