An insurance claim is a formal request made by a policyholder to the insurance provider for payment of the loss they have sustained. According to the coverage promised to the policyholder by the insurance company following the insurance contract, compensation is given. How can I make a car insurance claim? 

The following stages will assist you in making a successful claim for your damages:

Alert the insurance provider

Call your auto insurance provider right away and let them know about the occurrence. Due to the short time frame, you must notify the insurer of the accident within seven working days; otherwise, your claim settlement period would be deemed to have expired. You must send the first two pages of your insurance policy along with other necessary papers, such as softcopies of your driver’s license, car registration certificate, and FIR, to file a claim. 

Contact the local police department and file an FIR.

A mandatory stage in settlement of an automobile claim in cases like theft, fire, or a traffic accident, including third-party damage, is to notify the police and submit an FIR. The FIR may not be necessary when the automobile has dents and scrapes. When there is any physical harm or third-party accidents, it is essential. The police would go to the scene to find the problems and determine whether the accident was caused by mechanical failure. 

Take Pictures as Verifiable Proof

Some people would instead submit a claim for reimbursement. In these situations, taking a picture of the scene where the events took place can be useful. You can take a few photos of the collision, including the damage to your automobile and any injuries sustained, and use this as legal evidence when settling your claim. 

Send the Insurer all the Documents.

After filing the FIR, the claim settlement process is what comes next. It can only be started after you have given the insurance company all of the necessary paperwork. Don’t forget to submit copies of all the required paperwork, including your driver’s license, automobile registration, FIR, and other items.

Request a surveyor be sent by the insurance provider

Claim with your insurance provider and request that they send you a surveyor for a complete inspection process. You can also submit a claim online by going to the insurance company’s website or other web portals if they offer that option. The insurance company will send a representative in case of a cashless claim settlement who will attempt to determine all the severe damage done to your car. 

Auto Repair

Get your automobile fixed, then start the claim procedure. There are two methods for settling claims. A person does not have to pay the cost of repairs if they choose a cashless claim. In these circumstances, it is advised to take the car to one of the network garages the insurance provider has recommended. The policyholder must pay only the deductibles; the insurer will cover the remainder. 

It is advised that policyholders carefully read the policy materials the insurance provider sends them because the claim settlement process can be a bit difficult while taking car insurance online. It will provide comprehensive information on all inclusions and exclusions. In this situation, you can also get a third opinion from a lawyer.


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