Bartending is both an art and a science, and like any craft, it requires the right tools to create delicious and visually appealing cocktails. Whether you’re working in a busy bar or a small cocktail lounge, having the best bar tools for bartenders is essential to be able to make a wide variety of drinks. In this guide, we’ll take a look at the essential bar tools that every bartender should have in their arsenal.


One of the most essential bar tools for bartenders is the shaker. Shakers are used to mix and chill ingredients in a cocktail. They come in a variety of styles, including the classic three-piece shaker– which is made up of a shaker tin, a strainer, and a cap– and the Boston shaker, which is a two-piece shaker that consists of a shaker tin and a mixing glass or two shaker tins. To use a shaker, fill it with ice and add the ingredients for your cocktail. Place the cap on top and shake vigorously for about 15-20 seconds. Then, remove the cap and strain the drink into a glass.


Another important bar tool is the strainer. Strainers are used to remove ice and other large particles from a drink before it is poured into a glass. The two most common types of strainers are the Hawthorne strainer– which is designed to fit on top of a shaker tin and has a spring-loaded metal ring– and the Julep strainer, which is designed to fit into a mixing glass and has a perforated metal bowl. To use a strainer, place it over the top of the shaker or mixing glass and pour the drink through it to remove any ice or large particles.


Jiggers are used to measure the precise amount of ingredients for a cocktail. They come in a variety of sizes, but the most common is the double jigger, which has two sides: one for measuring smaller amounts, and one for measuring larger amounts. To properly use a jigger, fill one side with the desired amount of liquid, and pour it into the shaker or mixing glass.


A muddler is a small tool used to crush fruits, herbs, and spices in a cocktail. It is typically made of wood or metal and is used to release the natural flavors and oils of the ingredients. In order to use a muddler, place the ingredients in the bottom of a shaker or mixing glass and gently press down on them to release their flavors.

Bar Spoon

A bar spoon is a long-handled spoon that is used to stir drinks and reach the bottom of a tall glass. They are typically made of stainless steel and have a twisted handle for easy grip.

Citrus Squeezer

A citrus squeezer is a hand-held tool used to extract juice from citrus fruits. They come in a variety of styles, but the most common is the manual juicer, which has a cone-shaped bowl that is pressed down on the fruit to extract the juice. To use a citrus squeezer, cut the fruit in half, place it in the bowl, and press down to extract the juice.

Bottle Opener

A bottle opener is an essential tool for any bartender; it’s used to open bottles of beer and soda. The most common type is the church key opener, which has a pointed end that is used to puncture the top of the bottle, and a flat end that is used to remove the cap.

Being a bartender requires a wide variety of tools to make a wide range of drinks. Having the right barware in your arsenal will ensure that you can make delicious and visually appealing cocktails quickly and efficiently.

The essential bar tools that every bartender should have are a shaker, strainer, jigger, muddler, bar spoon, citrus squeezer, and bottle opener. Each of these tools serves a specific purpose and has its own unique function, from measuring ingredients to extracting juice from fruits and crushing herbs and spices.

With these tools, a bartender will be equipped to create a wide variety of drinks, from classic cocktails to modern creations, and be able to deliver them to customers in a timely and professional manner. It’s important to note that using the right tools and techniques will also ensure that the drink is safe to consume and is made with the right measurements and ingredients, both satisfying the customers and maintaining their trust in the bar.