Workout Motivation

A Concise Guide to Workout Motivation

Even though you know that once you get started in the gym, or once you have your warm outerwear on and have started your walk, you’ll be glad you did, it can still be incredibly hard to get going and actually start. So, for anyone out there who struggles to find the motivation to work out, you should definitely continue reading. 

Smaller Bursts of Energy

One of the most effective ways of motivating yourself is rather than gearing yourself up for a long workout session, to break it down into three, more manageable chunks. 

This is colloquially referred to as the 3×10 rule, which basically involves two ten-minute walks at random times to suit you throughout the day and then a cardio workout, for around twenty minutes in the evening. 

The more unique and individualized your workout schedule, the more likely you are to be motivated to get going and to keep it up in the long term.

Visual Motivation

As well as changing the way your mind thinks about your upcoming daily workout, it can also help to introduce visual aids too. 

Attach Post-it Notes to the fridge, your bathroom mirror and anywhere else you look at regularly. You could choose motivational quotes or devise your own reward system to incentivize yourself.

Another fabulous and downright exciting option would be to look into exercise rewards and link a health and wellness card to your Fitbit and other connected devices. 

Get Hooked on Audio Stimulation

Another brilliant way of motivating yourself to exercise is to treat yourself to a subscription to a reputable streaming platform of audio books, or else sign up to download free podcasts to your smartphone or tablet. 

For example, if you’re a fan of the world of Harry Potter, you can listen to the entire series of Harry Potter, read by Stephen Fry, in audio book format. Or, if you prefer, you could create your own individual and personalized music playlist and choose the tunes that incite energy. 

Surround Yourself with Positivity

Broadly thinking, there’s no possible way you can become and crucially, stay motivated to exercise and better your physical and emotional health and wellbeing levels when you’re surrounded by people, even loved ones, who have absolutely no interest in your goals. 

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Instead, seek out like-minded people, both within your current friendship groups as well as joining online communities which are dedicated to fitness. If you’re someone who usually prefers to exercise and workout on your own, consider branching out by exploring Zumba or dance classes in your area. Gym Near Me is here to help you find the perfect class or club at a local sports club or gym near you. 

Make a Promise to Yourself

You are entirely unique and everything that you’ve experienced thus far, from the good to the bad and all the indifferent memories in-between have come together to produce the person you are right now, whilst reading this article. 

You owe it to yourself to fulfill the promises you make to yourself and moreover, to become the best possible version of yourself you can, both physically and emotionally.