9 Best Possible Ways to Use Subway Tiles in Your Bathroom

Subway tiles are not something new! They way back to 1904 when these tiles first came into existence in New York. But as the years passed by, subway tiles became very popular and interestingly, they are one of the prominent elements of designer bathrooms today. There are many reasons why subway tiles are loved so much: there is a wide array of subway tile colors, they are strong and sturdy, they look classic, incomparably versatile, and highly affordable.

Moreover, it is possible to use subway tiles in different patterns. You can play around while creating a contrasting look with the grout, choose bold subway tile colors from a collection of rainbow hues, or just keep it simple. In this blog, we will discuss some excellent designer-approved ways you can feature subway tiles in your house, irrespective of whether you want a modern or traditional touch.

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Play with Colors

There are limitless types of subway tile colors and it can look unbelievably stylish if you use multi-colored subway tiles. For example, if you want a sunny statement in your bathroom, you can frame cream subway tiles on a background of bright yellow ones. It will definitely accentuate the brighter side in you. You can also add up to it with a couple of matching pendant lights over the double sinks of your bathroom and it will be a cherry on the cake!

Let There be a Dark Grout

If you want a geometric effect in your bathroom, ditch white, the all-time traditional choice for grout. Rather, go for black to create a huge impact. If you want your bathroom or kitchen to look extraordinary and be a significant part of the central attractions of your house, use dark grouts with white subway tiles. Believe it or not, this will make your subway tiles look even more attractive.

Include a Prominent Texture

When it comes to using subway tiles in your house, having a beautiful texture creates a stunning and everlasting effect. For instance, you can let the white color be on the background with a touch of different hues like purple, sky blue, yellow, and other bright shades be the highlights. Altogether they can create a textural intrigue. This kind of pattern seems to have intricate grooves if you take a closer look. Isn’t it exciting?

Select a Natural Color

You can make a statement look in your bathroom with a uniquely bold pastel when it comes to the subway tiles. For instance, if you use mint green subway tiles along with the bold black and white base of your kitchen or bathroom sink or the matte black details, it will look simply extraordinary!

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Keep It Contrasting with the Floors

Black and White is the chicest combination ever! Just imagine having your bathroom walls with the white subway tiles and a black shower stall to accompany it as well as some black and white penny tiles on the floors to contrast the subway tiles. Won’t it look simply wonderful?

Go Fifty –Fifty

Don’t use subway tiles on all the surfaces of your bathroom or kitchen. Rather, act mindfully and go for it only for one wall and then contrast it with other forms of tiles. For example, you can install penny tiles on the upper part of the wall followed by subway tiles in the lower portion. To create a statement look, you can fix a round mirror in that part from where the penny tiles are starting and place a wooden drawer with round handles where the subway tiles are ending.

Keep Your Grout Matching to the Paint

Think of all-white subway tiles in your bathroom with gray-colored grouts adding up to it. Doesn’t it add a new dimension to your place? You can create an extremely beautiful contrasting look like this with black grouts and black painted sloped ceilings when it comes to your bathroom. Sounds amazing. Right?

Have the Marble Look

If you like marble but don’t want to spend huge on a marble slab for your entire bathroom or kitchen, go for marble subway tiles instead. It is true that you will be able to get the same cool and authentic stone looks with that for a much affordable price.

Go Vertical

Most people go for the running bond patterns when using subway times. But if you stack them cleanly in a vertical way when it comes to installing them, it will look as cool as the former pattern. Also, if you lay your subway tiles vertically, they will have an elongated look as well.

Moreover, you can play around even more by giving your bathroom a geometric design while covering all the surfaces with the same colored subway tiles in a vertical way. How about creating a jewel box look for your bathroom with vertically stacked bubblegum pink subway tiles?

Summing Up Did you like these unique ideas of using subway tiles in your bathroom? Don’t wait anymore! Start creating an awesome place in your house not just for bathing but also for having a luxurious experience.

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