8 Events You Should Add To Your Bucket List

A bucket list can help people set goals and look for the positive things in life. It can help them achieve their aspirations and inspire them to nurture themselves. Psychologists believe that the goal-oriented nature of bucket lists makes out-of-reach dreams achievable. It makes people hopeful and excited about their lives. However, it is easy to get pessimistic when we think about the frailty of life

The past year has been very challenging. Millions of people lost their lives fighting a virus. The fundamental life lesson for 2021 is that life is unpredictable. No one knows how and when we will die. So, we should live every moment as our last.

Bucket List

The form and structure of the list can be anything. Some people may have a formal list with bullet points and detailed itineraries. Others might have impromptu and random items on their list.

Make your bucket list instead of waiting to take the next step. It will give you clarity about your life and help you analyze your current position. Do not worry. We are here to help you with your task. Below are a few events you can add to your bucket list, among other milestones.

  1. Watch your favorite band in a live concert: Music is the language of the soul, and there is nothing like attending a live performance. Listening to your songs on repeat on your smartphone is one thing, but hearing it as musicians and audiences come together is something else. Attending a concert with loved ones is an emotional experience for some people. It can help you make long-lasting memories and strong relationships. You can also help out less fortunate people by attending charitable concerts or buying from philanthropic ticket vendors. For example, Good Deed Seats donates a portion of the sales to community service. So look up when your favorite artist is performing and add attending a live concert to your bucket list.
  2. Monaco Grand Prix: Formula 1 racing is an exciting sport for people who love speed and cars. Think of something out of the Fast and Furious movie franchise, with significantly fewer stunts and no Vin Diesel. Still, you will hold your breath as cars zip around on the streets of picturesque Monaco. From the luxurious casinos to having food at world-renowned restaurants, experience it all. Many F1 legends, like Micheal Schumacher and Alain Prost, have broken world records in the Grand Prix.
  3. Oktoberfest: Beer lovers and rowdy people must add this event featuring the best brews you will ever taste to their list. This 16-day festival runs from September till October, with more than 6 million visitors from across the globe. You can dress up in traditional Dirndl or Lederhosen to have an authentic experience. Of course, the food is also mouthwatering. Whether it is the Weisswurst with a pretzel or the Kasespatzle, there is something for every taste bud.
  4. Holi:  Every year, Indians celebrate Holi, the festival of colors. This event marks the beginning of spring and has spiritual meaning for Hindus. Merrymakers toss powders in the air and try to catch others unaware. The glorious festival food is also something to remember. However, in recent years locals encourage waterless celebrations to avoid wasting a precious resource. Nonetheless, there’s plenty of local intoxicants to get you tipsy.
  5. Winter Light Festival: Japan’s beautiful light festival is a sight to behold. Every year visitors flock to the Nabana No Sato Park between November and March to see dancing lights. There are several other attractions as well. The tunnel of light is an Instagram-worthy attraction for most visitors. Tourists can also stop for a bite to eat at the restaurants in the park.
  6. Cannes Film Festival: Every cinephile knows that Cannes is a significant event in the realm of the performing arts. The best artists flock to Cannes in Southern France to celebrate cinematographical masterpieces. You can also spot some Hollywood A-listers having some fun at the Promenade de la Croisette. Tourists can flock to the pristine beaches after some celeb spotting. The Plage du Midi has several kid-friendly public beaches. After the excitement of the day, head to a Michelin star restaurant for a mouthwatering meal. If you want a wholesome vacation with a banger of an event to attend, you have got to add Cannes to your bucket list.
  7. Burning Man: Imagine living in the Nevada Desert for a week with 80,000 people away from the rest of the world. This is the Burning Man festival. The festival has evolved around the “Ten Principles” of Larry Harvey. Participants must reduce waste, gift things to others, participate within the community and leave no trace behind when they leave. There are several mind-bending art installations with giant monsters. Visitors can also enroll in incredible workshops, from knife throwing to radical improv. The most radical thing about Burring Man is the Gift Economy. Everything from food to alcohol is free. Here is a time-lapse of the trippy 2013 Burning Man Festival.
  8. NYC Village Halloween Parade: Halloween is the night that ghouls, skeletons, and ghosts return to haunt us. Millions of spectators get ready to see giant puppets and costumed people parade from Spring Street to 16th Street in Manhattan. It is a city-wide party with amazing costumes and numerous live bands. Remember that the streets will get crowded as the party gears up. So, be ready by 7 pm and take in the spectacle.
Bucket List


No one knows when they might breathe their last breath of air. So, we must make as many memories as we can. There is a world filled with amazing sights and incredible people for us to explore. So, do not waste another moment. Write your own bucket list with some of these phenomenal events. Let us know which one is your favorite in the comments below.

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