8 Blog Commenting Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Blog commenting has been one of the most popular methods of link building for more than a decade. The popularity of this backlinking technique has reduced in recent years but countless people still use it to link to other websites. People make many mistakes on blog commenting sites.

What are the top 8 mistakes people make while writing comments below blog posts? This article explains the top 8 mistakes people make while writing comments below blog posts. Continue reading if you want to increase the backlinks of your website through blog commenting.

Link Building Through Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is a common practice and many websites welcome comments from its readers. Akismet, a famous WordPress plugin to stop spam comments, write that they catch 7.5 million spam comments every hour.

Every month, billions of comments are posted by robots and spammers. These comments are obviously not welcomed by their destination websites. If you post relevant comments, your comments will stay there forever.

If you do not post relevant comments, your comments may not stay there for a second. Many websites use automated services or have people that keep checking spam comments and block or remove spam when found.

8 Blog Commenting Mistakes To Avoid

There are plenty of mistakes we make while posting comments to blog commenting sites. Let’s discuss the most important things to avoid while posting a comment. Here are the most important things to avoid while posting a comment on a website:

1. Over-Optimizing With Your Keyword In The Name Section

You must not insert too many keywords in one comment. Try to focus on just one keyword when you write a comment. Make sure your comment is relevant to the blog under which you are writing a comment.

2. Not Using A Full Name In Your Comments

One of the biggest mistakes people make while commenting below a blog is that they do not show their real name or full name. Fake, suspicious, and robot-like commentators are not allowed everywhere. You have to look and feel human when you are commenting on a blog.

3. Using A Fake Or Inactive Email Address

Do not use a fake email, suspicious email, or inactive email because they will not take you seriously. If you do not appear to be a legitimate commentator, that website administrator may remove your comment.

4. Using An Email Address That’s Not Connected To A Gravatar

Gravatar is a service for providing globally unique avatars and one has to register on Gravatar to be able to comment on WordPress based websites. If you want to freely comment below WordPress blogs and WordPress websites, you should make an account on Gravatar.

5. Leaving Comments On Non-Industry Blogs

One of the main things you should bear in mind is that you should post a comment below a website that belongs to the industry from which you want to obtain a link.

6. Writing Comments That Are Not Relevant To The Topic

You should write comments that are relevant to the topic. Otherwise, your comment will have little or no value. Also, the site administrator may remove your irrelevant comment. If your comment is related to the discussion and you have inserted a link into it as well, there are more chances of your comment to stay there.

7. Asking Questions Instead Of Contributing And Vice Versa

Many people start asking questions that are either too basic or are out of context and doing so is not a good habit. The comments that add useful points to the conversation or highlight a problem in the conversation are highly appreciated.

8. Writing A Spammy Comment

Some people do bypass all blog commenting norms and go on to write a spammy comment. Spammy comments are never wanted and they are mostly removed once noticed. A spammy comment is a comment that is irrelevant to the topic of discussion and that simply promote a product or service.

Tips To Avoid Blog Commenting Mistakes

To get better backlinks, you should write comments on blog commenting sites with a high domain authority (DA). Always try to stay relevant in terms of industry and topic.

You have read the top 8 mistakes people make while writing comments below blog posts. we can conclude that effective links can be obtained by avoiding the mistakes mentioned above.

I wish you all the best with your blog commenting goals.

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