Create More Space in Your Home

No matter how small or large your home may be, there never seems to be enough room to stay organized. If space is an issue for you, don’t worry; there are plenty of solutions to help you make the most of your home, from major upgrades to simple everyday changes.

A few require some type of investment while others just require a little thinking, but they can all add up to a more spacious and organized home.

Clear Away the Clutter

Everyone has at least one junk drawer in their home that they’re too afraid to open in front of guests. However, if things are spilling out and collecting on tables, countertops, and furniture, it’s time to get rid of the things you don’t need to make space for the things you do.

If clutter is an issue in your home, it may be because you don’t have a designated space for certain items, like mail that needs to be sorted, kids’ crafts, or stacks of library books.

Look around your home and sort the items that are simply strewn about and create storage (or disposal) solutions for each of them. Part with everything you don’t need by selling, donating, or scrapping it.

Consider a Home Addition or Remodel

Sometimes, all the reorganization in the world won’t give you the space you need to function as an extra room. When that’s the case, finishing a basement or attic or adding a room can be a worthwhile investment.

Sunrooms are a great solution because they can be extremely versatile while adding beauty and value to your home. The sunrooms Tampa homes are known for can help meet a variety of needs, from entertaining or housing guests to creating a calm and quiet work-from-home environment.

Utilize Your Wall Space

So many storage solutions take up precious floor space and most homeowners reserve their wall space for decorations alone.

However, you can create functional storage options that still look amazing in your home by using hooks, hangers, and wall shelving to free up not just your floors, but your cabinets and table surface as well.

Pots and pans, books, dishes, blankets, grocery items, and more can all be stored on your walls instead. This philosophy works very well in closets too.

Rethink Your Home’s Layout

It’s amazing what a little rearranging can do. Sometimes, a room feels cramped not because it’s overcrowded, but because the flow just isn’t quite right.

Try using an online room layout tool to help you make the most of every room in your home. You can input exact measurements, find a design that works best, and save your strength by only moving that heavy furniture once.

Take Advantage of Commonly Unused Spaces

There are plenty of hidden treasures in your home that are begging to be utilized. If you live in a two-story house, under the stairs is the perfect place to carve out some extra storage by adding a small closet or custom shelving.

You can also purchase storage items that are specifically designed for use under beds and dressers, keeping your things tidy, organized, and out of sight.

Streamline Your Furniture

If you have a smaller home, it’s important to choose furniture that suits it. You don’t have to sacrifice the overall seating though; many major furniture pieces can accommodate the same number of people with significantly less wasted space by focusing on minimalist designs.

For example, a streamlined bedframe can save you more than two feet of space rather than choosing a sleigh bed design. Some recliners are designed to slide forward rather than rock back, so you can place them closer to the wall and free up that much-needed floor space.

Store Seasonal Items Wisely

Some items just don’t need to take up valuable storage space in your home year-round. Rather than tucking seasonal clothing and decor in the back of a closet, box it up and keep it in the garage, basement, attic, or shed until it’s time to use it again.

Rotating these items can help you keep your home less cluttered by giving you more room to store the things you use on a regular basis.

Also, most of these items will fair just fine in harsher temperatures; it’s most important to protect them against moisture and insects, so plastic storage bins are a good option.

Much of the time, you can create more space in your home by reorganizing, decluttering, and making the most of what you have.

However, adding on to or finishing certain areas of your home can help you add actual square footage instead. Either way, gaining the extra space can be well worth the effort.