7 Ultimate Cleaning Tips to Clean Your Bike

The bicycle industry has seen an increase of 65% as of July 2021 compared to 2019. If this was anything to go by, it’s a sign that more people are willing to get on their bikes to exercise or go for an adventure outdoors. A bike is a pedal-powered vehicle with a collection of moving parts.

7 Ultimate Cleaning Tips to Clean Your Bike

Unfortunately, the moving parts will begin to deteriorate when exposed to dirt and debris. As a result, this leads to poor performance of your vehicle. Suppose you spend much time riding your bike outdoors in wet or dry, dusty areas. Maintaining a regular cleaning schedule is vital to keeping your bike parts clean.

Storing your bike after a ride without cleaning might be tempting. But regular cleaning will aid the bike’s longevity and save you some maintenance fees in the long run. Fortunately, you can engage with a pressure washing company for some pressure washing services. This will save you the hassle of doing so yourself. So now, let’s discuss when you need to clean your bike.

When and How to Clean a Bike?

Bikes work more smoothly and need fewer repairs when cleaned regularly. Now, many people don’t know when their bikes are in desperate need of a thorough cleaning. That’s because they do not understand the signals exhibited by the vehicle. For instance, If your bike makes squeaky sounds, here’s a sign that the chain needs cleaning.

Generally, we recommend cleaning after every ride. Yet, a wipe-down with a sponge and water might not always be enough. Thus, we advise periodic deep cleaning to maintain your two-wheeled vehicle. Now, you might be wondering how to clean your bike. Usually, cleaning a bike begins with washing.

7 Ultimate Cleaning Tips to Clean Your Bike

You can do this with a good old sponge and water, but pressure washing is faster and easier. Suppose you aren’t familiar with pressure washing house or home items. Then, hiring an experienced pressure washing and window cleaning company is safer. Below are the five steps required to clean your bike:

  • Clean the drivetrain
  • Scrub the chain with a degreaser or a chain cleaner. Then proceed to lubricate the chain.
  • Lubricate the brake and derailleur
  • Wipe away any grime on the outside of the chainrings and the derailleur
  • Wash and dry the bike

What’s the bottomline? 

First, sticking to a regular cleaning schedule with a sponge and water for your bike is best for everyday cleaning. But it is necessary to take your bike for regularly scheduled pressure cleaning.

Top Tips to Clean Your Bike

It would help to schedule weekly or monthly pressure washing cleaning for your bike based on how often you use it. However, hand cleaning a bicycle is the first thing you can do to clean your bike after a ride. So, we have compiled seven cleaning tips to help you keep your bike in good condition.

1. Pay Extra Attention to the Drivetrain

The drivetrains are important in bikes. They are responsible for propelling you forward while cycling. So, properly cleaning them is the best way to increase your bike’s longevity. While cleaning, you might need something to get rid of caked filth, and cleaners are excellent for this assignment.

So, clean the drivetrain with the degreaser first by dipping a brush into it to clean this part of your bike. Then wash with water, dry, and apply lubricant. Finally, ensure that you wipe any leftover lubricant off once it has soaked in.

2. Wipe off Any Grime on the Surface

Applying lubricant in the movable parts of your vehicle to avoid friction is great but leaving grime on the outside isn’t. The grime only attracts dirt and dust. So, once you lubricate your bike, ensure you wipe off any remaining grime with a soft cloth or sponge.

7 Ultimate Cleaning Tips to Clean Your Bike

3. Don’t Use a Jet Washer

Cleaning your bike might require you to hose the bike to loosen any dirt and prepare the vehicle for a wash. However, using a jet washer can be too much pressure and force water past protective seals if you aren’t careful. This can cause long-term issues and damages, so it’s best to hire a professional to pressure wash your bike to mitigate the risks of damaging it.

4. Suspend the Bike for Better Inspection

It is vital to elevate a bike to clean it. You can use a bike repair stand like a pro or use anything in your home to lift it above the ground. Having the bike suspended will help with better inspection and cleaning.

Here’s the good part: placing your bike on a bike stand will help you peddle and get the chain moving while cleaning. That way, you can get rid of all dirt, even those stuck beneath the seat tube.

5. Don’t Scrub First

After a long ride, it might be tempting to scrub your bike first to remove caked-up mud and dirt but don’t do it. You might be wondering why; here’s the thing. Scrubbing your bike first may leave you with scratches on your bike’s finish.

So, a better cleaning method is to rinse first, then scrub. An ideal house pressure washing service can help remove the mud and scrub any extra layer of dirt that might be left.

6. Use Different Sponges and Brushes

One of the best tips for a more efficient bike cleaning is not to use one sponge or brush. Instead, dedicated sponges for different purposes will solve the issue of transferring grease to different bike parts after cleaning the drivetrain.

Also, brushes with soft bristles are better for removing grime. In contrast, those with stiff bristles make removing stubborn dirt easier. So, having a kit with several brushes and sponges aids in effective cleaning.

7. Remove the Wheels Before You Clean

It is easier to feel the bearing for grit when the wheels are removed from the bike. Also, having the wheels off makes cleaning the nooks and crannies of the bike’s parts closest to the ground easier. So, get in the habit of removing wheels for better cleaning and inspection.


Pressure washing is one of the quickest ways to clean surfaces and items in your home. You can use it to remove stubborn grime, mold, mud, and debris. Yet, pressure washing can quickly destroy items if not used at the right pressure. 

Thus, it would be best if you considered hiring a pressure washing company for any service you might need. Most pressure washing companies pressure wash bikes, offer roof pressure washing, and more!

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