7 Tricky Brain Teaser Interview Questions

Job interviews are akin to taking a trip to a haunted house. Regardless of how many times you’ve done it before, there’s always the element of surprise. 

Are you going for an interview? or looking for a job? Then you must be aware of the following questions and puzzles that might come in your way while giving an interview. You must train yourself and your mind before appearing for any interview. This article will help you to get through it.

You may walk into an interview room confident enough that you know the answers to every potential question that might be thrown your way. However, you soon realize that the panellists burned the midnight oil, preparing a list of totally unfamiliar questions. It suddenly dawns on you that they won’t pose regular interview questions like ‘why you think you qualify for the job’ or ‘what your expected salary is.

Instead, the questions asked are the kind that requires critical thinking. How you respond to these questions will determine whether you become the company’s newest employee or continue with your usual job search. 

We’ve trawled the internet for some of the most unique and brain-teasing questions that you might encounter in a job interview and how to answer them satisfactorily. 

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  1. Question: You’re travelling with a lion, cow, and hay of grass. On your way, you reach a wide river. You can only cross the river with one item at a time, but you should ultimately get all of them to the other side in one piece. How do you go about it?

Skill Tested: Critical Thinking

Answer: The lion might eat the cow, and the cow might feed on your hay. So, begin by crossing the cow, leaving the lion and hay behind. 

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Come back for the lion but don’t leave it with the cow on the other side. Instead, return with the cow and cross the hay. 

At this point, you should have the lion and hay on the other side and the cow on one side. Now, come for the cow and proceed with your trip.

  1. Question: Which one of the following words is the odd one out – cattle, wolves, bears, and does?

Skills Tested: Organization Skills and Gender Sensitivity

Answer: This is another popular question you’ll encounter on numerous platforms like the crossword 911 website, albeit in slight variations. The aim of the question is to test your organizational abilities as well as gender-sensitivity. 

It’s tempting to round up wolves, bears, and dogs on one side since they’re all wild animals, and cattle on the other side as they’re domestic animals. 

However, you can demonstrate even higher organizational abilities and gender sensitivity by leaving does on one side. That’s because cattle, wolves, and bears aren’t gender-specific, whereas ‘does’ only imply female deer. 

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  1. Question: You stumble upon a bundle of cash in the office driveway. What should you do?

Skill Tested: Honesty

This question may seem straightforward. After all, you want to prove to the panel how honest you are. However, there’s usually a hidden intention besides attempting to establish honesty on the interviewee’s part. 

Most job seekers would answer that they would take the money to their supervisor or even the CEO. While this seems like an honest answer, it may also imply that you tend to endear yourself to your superiors. 

The most logical thing to do is to hand in the money to the accounts department.

  1. Question: You’re working in the same room with a colleague and, all of a sudden, they start screaming ‘Fire, Fire, Fire.’ What should be your response?

Skills Tested: Self-Control and Spatial Awareness

Answer: Most people will answer that they would leave the room immediately, likely through some emergency door. 

However, the most appropriate thing to do is stay calm and try to establish the fire’s position before responding.

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  1. Question: Would you rather work for $10,000 per month for two years or $120,000 per month for two months?

Skills Tested: Work Ethic

Answer: The payments are ultimately the same, but the duration of work is different. 

Many job seekers would gladly agree to the second option as it guarantees more money within a short time span. Unfortunately, doing so may indicate greed and a lack of a strong work ethic. 

And when you approach a job with the sole intention of benefiting from it financially, you’re bound to fail.

  1. Question: How many soccer balls can fit into a room?

Skill Tested: Problem Solving

Answer: This is one of the top brain-teasing interview questions that have no definite answer. You may not be victimized for answering the question wrongly. 

The panel intends to see the methodology you use to work out the highest possible number of soccer balls that can fit into a room. 

So, rack your brains as much as possible and give the panellists what they think is the best inaccurate answer.

  1. Question: You’re CEO of a company that’s in dire straits. Your suppliers, creditors, and even staff are threatening to jump ship and join your competitors. You’re in one room with all these people but have only one second to appease them. What would you do?

Skills Tested: Communication

Answer: The answer to this question is probably simpler than you might imagine. All you have to do is smile. 

A smile resonates with positivity and optimism. And a smile at the height of a major crisis might as well mean that the crisis is as good as solved. 

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We’ve searched the internet for these most unique and brain-teasing questions that you might face in your next job interview and how to answer them satisfactorily. 

There goes our list of the seven most brain-racking interview questions. Note that while answering these questions may up your chances of landing a job, you’ll still need to take care of various other aspects, such as crafting a stellar resume.

For one who is a fresher and does not have an experience can surely impress the interviewer with his sharp mind. Also by solving the puzzles or brain teasers will surely help him or her clearing up the interview.

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