Truck drivers must stay extra vigilant to keep themselves and other road users safe. One of the important qualities needed for a truck driver is great perception and the ability to know blindsides and avoid them appropriately. But sometimes accidents still can happen. 

Here are some ways to steer clear of a truck’s blind spot.

  1.  Signals 

You can’t see what is happening in front of the truck, and you will thus need to rely on the truck driver’s turn signals. Paying attention to what the driver is signaling will enable you to make your next move with the right information and confidence. Check for when the brake lights are on when they signal a turn or a stop to stay safe.

  1.  Overtaking

It is always better to be safe than sorry, which makes cutting in front of a truck a bad idea altogether. Trucks are heavy, making it hard for them to make quick turns or slow down, and a decision to overtake is ill-advised. If you cannot avoid an overtake, it should always be done on the left side of the truck as it is a safer bet for other car drivers. When passing a truck, do it fast and do not stay on its side for too long.

  1.  Tailgate

The lack of rearview mirrors and sole dependence on the side mirrors make driving behind a truck a dangerous venture. Ensure that you maintain a five seconds distance from the truck to give them wiggle room to turn or stop.

  1.  Knowledge 

The best way to stay safe is by learning where obstruction may occur. Most blind spots causing truck accidents result from a lack of proper information, which is detrimental to small car drivers. The golden rule to avoid these no zones is by ensuring that you can always see the truck’s side mirrors.

  1.  Patience

As with most cases, you will find that a little patience goes a long way to avoiding harmful situations. The truck’s structure makes it harder for them to make sudden changes. Poor habits such as driving aggressively and honking only works to exasperate the situation and may result in an accident. When you are irate, you are more likely to make a bad decision; so always stay calm.

  1.  Weather

Poor climatic conditions should be a primary concern when judging a truck’s blind spot. Fog and mist reduce visibility which could spell disaster for road users. The distance between your car and the truck should be even greater than when the weather is clearer, and one should never overtake, no matter the circumstance.

  1.  Other Safety Precautions

Even when observing the safety protocols stated above, it never hurts to be extra careful. Common sense should prevail and trust your instincts because if something seems wrong, it probably is and should be avoided. For instance, it is inherently unwise to drive around a reversing truck. There are so many no zones in that situation that can only get worse. Intersections are fertile ground for truck and car collisions, so you should not underestimate how close a truck is or overestimate how fast you can make the turn.

In general, avoiding a truck’s blind spots is easy once you know where they are and what you should do in each situation. It is important to note that your safety is in your hands and your first prerogative.


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