7 Things You Need to Know About Sparkular Machine

You all must have gone to a concert, attended a wedding, or seen a new year celebration, where you see spectacular fireworks and special light effects. Any celebration is incomplete without these fireworks; it is spectacular entertainment to the viewers. The complex and soothing eye patterns of firework and fantastic light effects are just breathtaking. But the problem is that fireworks are not so safe. Sometimes they can be dangerous when not used correctly and safely. But there are solutions to every problem. Likewise, for the traditional fireworks, SHOWVEN technologies came up with a solution, known as sparkular machine. Since its launch in 2016, sparkular machine has been broadly used for on-stage light effects and special occasion light effects. This article will focus on this sparkular jet by SHOWVEN Technologies, and it will tell you seven things you should know about the machine. 

What is a Sparkular machine? 

Sparkular machine is the safest way to light up a stage and produce special light effects. Sparkular machine is a fully automatic, reusable, and utterly programmable product. The machine can easily generate a flashing sparkular affect up to 10m. The machine comes with a built-in Automatic air compressor, so no external pressure tank is needed. 

Sparkular machine produces a marvelous non-hazardous effect, which is more or less like the traditional fireworks and pyrotechnics, but much safer and environment friendly. Sparkular machines can be used on every occasion, including concerts, sports halls, football stadiums, boxing rings, auditoriums, etc. Hence it is fit for every occasion. Sparkular machine is a state-of-the-art machine whose advantages will be discussed in the later section of this article. 

Working principle of Sparkular machine.

Sparkular machine works by heating granules of zirconium and titanium powder to produce glowing sparks. Also, the sparks cool very quickly to a safe temperature, thus minimizing any harmful effect. The sparks glow for a more extended period at a lower temperature, making them non-flammable, thus eliminating the risk of fire catching. The product complies with health and safety regulations. Moreover, the temperature of the machine remains cool throughout its operation. Besides, the machine is straightforward to set up, and it has only a few usage restrictions. You can set up the system in only a few minutes, and you are ready to go. 

7 Things You Need to Know About Sparkular Machine3

How to choose the best Sparkular machine? 

Buying the best sparkular machine can be a tough decision, but we are here to help you out. The first thing you should be looking for in a sparkular jet is its compliance with health and safety regulations. As safety always comes first. The other factors include its range, cost, size and weight of the machine, and environmental friendliness. Well, such a product does exist. sparkular machine by SHOWVEN offers all the benefits that you expect from a sparkular machine. The following list contains the seven things that you need to know about the SHOWVEN sparkular

1.Original patented technology 

SHOWVEN SPARKULAR technology now has already obtained US patents and EU patents. SPARKULAR JET is based on SPARKULAR technology, while with more innovations. It is a brand new effect originally invented by SHOWVEN. The machine is a very innovative and revolutionary product, meeting all the requirements of the user. It is safe and effortless to use. So it has been produced from the user’s perspective. 

2. Flashing SPARKULAR effect similar to 1s fountain fireworks 

SPARKULAR JET generates an amazing flashing sparkular effect, similar to 1s fountain fireworks, which are generally used in concerts, sports, etc. While it is no need for gunpowder, thus it is much safer than the traditional way. Besides, different from the disposable 1s fountain or mines, SPARKULAR JET is reusable. Operators can arrange the rehearsal easily.

3. Effect height from 5m to 10m. 

Sparkular machine can achieve lighting effect up to a significant height, making it the ideal option for every occasion.  

4. Patented auto air compression technology 

With the help of auto air compression technology, there is no need for an external pressure tank, thus reducing the cost and the efforts of carrying one around. 

7 Things You Need to Know About Sparkular Machine1

5. Built-in pressure sensor and safety valve for double security

Safety is always our priority when we design any of the special effects machines. SPARKULAR JET not only contains multi- temperature sensors such as chassis temperature sensor, core temperature sensor, etc., which other SPARKUALR series machines have. It also has a pressure sensor, safety valve, etc., for double security and safety control of the machine.

6.Durable and reliable 

Stainless steel housing with a multi-safe design makes it very durable and reliable. The machine can work efficiently for a more extended life period. 


SHOWVEN is an International brand whose products have been widely used throughout the work. They have quality assurance and their products meet the highest standard. 


As the creator of the sparkular machine, SHOWVEN is your best choice. Their products are trusted by leading companies and brands. They produce the most up-to-date products that are safe, fully automatic, and completely programmable. Contact them and place your order for sparkular jet today, and make your celebrations safe and economical. 

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