7 Small Steps to Make You More Stylish

As we all venture back out into the post-COVID world, many of us are feeling a bit out of practice. After all, jammies, yoga pants, and your favorite oversized hoodie may have seen you through isolation. However, they’re not necessarily the vibe you want to put out into the world.

The good news? You don’t have to overhaul your wardrobe to be more stylish in your everyday life. Instead, take these seven steps to easily amp up your personal style.

1. Know your style sensibility

The first step in elevating your style? Understanding it.

Know your style sensibility

From sleek chic minimalism to modern glam, there are many different styles of dressing. There’s no “right” or “wrong” when it comes to choosing one. (For proof, look no further than the distinctive styles of some of the world’s best dressers, including Zendaya, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, and Angelina Jolie for women and Tom Holland, Michael B. Jordan, David Beckham, and Lil Nas X for men.)

Spend a few minutes researching various clothing styles. Take care to identify the ones that best speak to who you are. Also, consider the image you want to project to the world.

What do the things you admire have in common? Where do they differ? The better you hone in on your unique style sensibility, the more cohesive and polished your style will be.

Plus, you’ll feel much more at ease in your skin when you find a style that embodies your unique taste and sensibility.

2. Seek out inspiration

While style is inherently personal, it is also inspired and influenced by many things around us. We don’t live in a vacuum, after all. From people to places to colors, shapes, and materials, the world is full of interesting things to see and experience. But not all of these things will affect you equally.

While you’re watching television, reading a magazine, browsing the internet, or out and about town, turn yourself into an expert observer. Specifically, take note of people, outfits, and looks. Then, reflect on what makes them “work.” (Odds are, the qualities you notice while gathering inspiration will also align with the style you identified in Step 1.)

Then, consider how you can incorporate these elements into your own wardrobe.

3. Clean up your act

Clean up your act

Even the most amazing outfit looks sloppy if it’s not neat and clean. One of our favorite tricks to keeping your clothes fresh, clean, and fragrant? Laundry pods.

Laundry pods pack a powerful stain-fighting punch in a compact package. They’re also easy to use and compatible with low-water volume machines. Finally, many are free of artificial dyes so they’re gentle on clothing—and on your skin.

Wrinkled clothes are another style saboteur. In addition to familiarizing yourself with iron and steaming, take advantage of wrinkler-releasing products. Additionally, seek out wrinkle-free fabrics like denim, polyester, wool, cashmere, knits, spandex, and rayon.

4. Invest in a full-length mirror

How do you know how an outfit really looks if you can’t see it from head to toe? A large mirror offers a completely different perspective on everything from proportions to accessories.

A personal stylist wouldn’t just look at you from the waist up, would they? To really get a feel for how to dress and style yourself, a full-length mirror is a must-have.

5. Don’t be afraid to experiment

Identifying and embracing your personal style is important. However, this doesn’t mean you should only wear clothing that falls into a particular style.

Remember: fashion is dynamic. Experimenting with new things is the key to your style feeling fresh and new instead of static.

No big, bold changes are necessary. Even incorporating a new accessory, pulling in an unexpected color, or trying a new silhouette can go a long way to livening up your look.

6. Be wary of trends

There’s a time and a place for trendy clothes. However, abandoning your taste to chase the latest trends is a recipe for ending up with no clear or obvious sense of style. To avoid being all over the place, be sparing about the latest trends. Instead, focus on accumulating a go-to collection of timeless and classic basics that you can return to again and again.

An added benefit of steering clear of trends? You won’t be contributing to the fast fashion epidemic or its catastrophic impact on the planet. We challenge you to find anything chicer than sustainability.

7. Be a ruthless editor

Famous architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe coined the phrase, “Less is more.” While he was speaking about architecture and design, the sentiment absolutely applies to personal style.

Many people are so eager to showcase their style that they end up going overboard. Streamlining your style—especially when you’re just starting your journey to being a more stylish person—can help you maintain a refined and controlled aesthetic. One rule of thumb? You should be wearing your clothes. Your clothes should not be wearing you!

In addition to being a ruthless editor when pulling together ensembles, apply the same approach to your closet. Donate or discard if you have clothes that don’t fit, are uncomfortable, or no longer suit your style and taste.

A well-edited closet is not only easier to maintain, but can also help you assemble outfits that truly suit your style.


Style is personal, unique, and evolving. It is also influenced by external factors, including everything from people to personal grooming. Adhering to these seven steps is a great start when it comes to enhancing your style.

One additional adage to keep in mind as you continue your journey to becoming more stylish? “Style is a state of mind.”

The takeaway? The more confident you are in your approach to style, the better you’ll look and feel. Whether it be your favorite color or the ultimate comfy fabric, there’s nothing more stylish than leading with what you love.

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