7 rules for wedding shoes: how to avoid hassle and problems

Wedding shoes can not only become a great addition to an outfit and delight you and your guests with their magnificent appearance but also turn into your biggest problem, the cause of worn-out legs and bad mood on the day of the ceremony. We will tell you what to foresee to prevent this from happening.

Many brides mistakenly believe that wedding shoes are a secondary purchase, and choosing a dress is much more important. Of course, the shoes aren’t as prominent as a wedding outfit but don’t underestimate their role on your wedding day. Shoes can be the highlight of your look, or they can bring extremely unpleasant emotions. Make sure that you only experience the pleasure of bridal shoes – follow these rules.

Rule 1. Convenience is paramount.

If you think it is possible to carry any shoes, you are not. One shoe has to be worn out over the years, while the other does not lend itself to transformation at all. Buying uncomfortable wedding shoes that are squeezed or chafed, you doom yourself to torment. Even if you defile in a new pair every day around the house, this is not a guarantee that you will be able to wear these shoes without consequences all day from morning to evening. Therefore, pay attention not only to the appearance of the shoes but first of all to how comfortable you are in them.

Rule 2. Fitting.

The same principles work with shoes as with a wedding ring: in the evening and during the warmer months, your feet will be slightly larger than in the morning and at low temperatures. Therefore, it is better to try on and choose shoes in the evening. And do not forget that it is easier to put on shoes on a smooth toe or stocking than on a barefoot. Whenever possible, try on exactly the way you will wear your shoes on your wedding day.

Rule 3. Heel Boots decides.

Heel height is an important parameter. If you have a floor-length dress, shoes with any heels will do, but with a short wedding dress, fur high heel boots will look more elegant than ballet flats. In any case, the height and width of the heel should be comfortable and familiar to you. If in ordinary life you do not get out of sneakers, the chances that you will be pleased to defile on heels all day tend to zero. Beauty, of course, requires sacrifice, but a sprained or dislocated ankle on your wedding day is unnecessary.

Rule 4. Don’t miss important details.

Choosing between several shoe models? If these are open-toed shoes, pay attention to the width of the straps and the softness of the material. The narrower and tighter the straps, the more they will dig into the skin. And the higher the heel, the more pressure will be on the forefoot, so in this case, it makes sense to choose shoes with wide soft straps.

Another point: if you take closed-toe shoes and are afraid that they will press you in the evening, or just buy shoes for a summer wedding in winter, take half or larger size. But it is better not to experiment with open shoes: there is a chance that in shoes that are too big for you, your foot will slip forward. This is uncomfortable and does not look very aesthetically pleasing, so be sure to size the sandals.

And finally, do not skimp on special transparent gel pads that are glued to the inside of the shoe in the heel and under the toes. They will help you avoid the fatigue of high heels and make your new shoes more comfortable.

Rule 5. Don’t delay your purchase.

It is important to buy bridal shoes prior to fitting the dress. The outfit may have to be shortened, and in the atelier, you will be asked to try it on in wedding shoes, so as not to be mistaken with the length.

Rule 6. Protect your skin

Do you have closed wedding shoes? Low-density stockings or nylon invisible socks that do not look out of the shoes will not spoil your image and at the same time reduce the risk of erasing your legs.

Rule 7. Do not forget about the sos-cosmetic bag.

Be sure to put a flesh-coloured patch in your wedding bag. Do not be afraid to cover the callus if you rub the skin on your foot: in the photographs, such a patch will still not be visible, but you will be much more pleasant and comfortable than without it.

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