7 reasons why car donation is worth it

Car donation had been a very popular thing a decade or 15 years ago but now people have their doubts about donating their car to a charity as to how benefitting it will be for them. It was because of the Act that was passed in America in 2004 related to the tax deductions that can be taken from you when you donate your car. They were limited to a certain amount according to the worth of your car due to which people stopped donating their car too often and it wasn’t the talk of the town anymore.

But here are some reasons which are compelling enough for you to believe that donating your car can prove to be useful and profitable for you.

  1. Doing a good deed

Donating your car to a charity means you are doing it for a good cause. The people in need will benefit from your car and its facilities which will give your heart a sense of contentment. For instance, the elderly will be able to travel with the utmost comfort and the children get to go on enjoyable rides. If the car that you donate is in a good condition, it can surely be very helpful for the charity as many things can be done with more proficiency in a vehicle.

Doing a good deed for a charity that you want to support and make a difference for, is satisfying and worth it.

  • Safer and easier than selling a car

For a car that’s not in your use anyway, donating it to a charity is a much better option since

1. It can help you avoid fraudulent scammers who are looking for a chance to rip you off. While donating a car, you do not have to deal with a total stranger or meet with him at a specific location and bring your car there as it happens when you usually sell a car.

2. When you donate it, a tow truck comes to your doorstep to pick up the vehicle and you don’t have to go through any of the problems of trying to sell the car yourself, advertise it in newspapers, or anything.

3. It is a lot easier when you don’t have to deal with all the paperwork, that too with a person who you’ve never met before and can’t be trusted.

  • Junk car that needs maintenance

Provided you have a car that is not in its best condition and needs maintenance in almost all parts of it, it’s easier to donate the car parts to a charity where it can at least be of use.

For a car like that, that needs several repairs and you can’t use it anyway for your daily tasks and is just sitting idle, its way better to not waste the money on the repairs and just donate it to a charity. This way you don’t have to spend any more money and the charity will provide you with a tow truck for free.

  • Save your storage space

A car that’s not in your use anymore surely takes up a lot of your space that can otherwise be used for something else. Donating it won’t cost you anything instead it will give you the extra storage space that you are giving up on if you hold on to the vehicle that’s not of use.

Some recreational vehicles that are only used once a year and sit idle, rusting, for the rest of the 11 months should be donated for a good cause.

  • Trading; not a good choice:

Trading a car can be non-profitable. Mostly the return that you get in place of your car is not what you were expecting. So trading your car in hope of a good one in return is the worst choice one could opt for. The trade-in can be of lesser worth and can even go as low as 60 percent.

  • Claim deduction on your taxes

When you donate your car to a charity, the charity is obliged to give you a tax receipt after the process of the donation of the car has come to its completion. This way you can demand a deduction of taxes in the coming year.

  • Hold the charity accountable

The car that you donate can be used in a number of ways by the charity but the charity is supposed to inform you where, when and for what purpose they’re going to use your car. So you can know if it’s being used for a good cause or not.

In conclusion, the donation of your car is pretty much worth it for the above-listed reasons. It can benefit you and the charity both so it’s a win-win situation for both parties.

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