7 Quick steps to start a new small business in India

Slowly and steadily, India is becoming a breeding ground for more and more entrepreneurs as it provides them ample opportunities to grow. And every entrepreneur wants to make their dream into reality. As every entrepreneur has different reasons to initiate a new business, some might possess great ideas that can significantly change the trajectory of the market. Some people feel that they do not want to get into the start-up industry but are willing to give their laser-sharp critical insights to those emerging entrepreneurs. The latter is very keen to dive into the ocean of entrepreneurship.

You should keep in mind that your company’s firm and concrete foundation would determine the trajectory of your start-up. Usually, this starts with the entrepreneurs opting for tm registration to craft a brand that could either trend upwards or downwards, depending upon how efficiently you execute the business’s operations. Initially, it would help if you concentrated on simple and straightforward things that can make a huge difference in your start-up rather than investing time and resources to show the chimeric picture.

Here are 7 crucial approaches that can help you in initiating a successful small business in India.

–    Excellent business ideas.

Ask yourself the two fundamental questions. The most crucial and vital thing in initiating a small business is what you want to start? And what is your business proposition? What do you want to initiate, a product or a service-based company? The second one is why do you want to create that? Is there any particular reason for it? Are your customers facing the issues that you want to solve for their convenience? While looking for answers to these questions, you should observe everything by doing that to solve the problems that customers are facing.

Nonetheless, suppose you are initiating a business to solve the problem of the customers. In that case, you could be wrong or fail shortly because you are solely relying on your customers’ perception and concerns rather than focusing on that the wants of the market that should drive your business. Once you are clear about these things, you should proceed. You should be immersed in what you want to do. Otherwise, you might feel disoriented or sometimes distracted along the journey.

–    Carry out your research.

Before putting all your resources and money into the business, you should authenticate the ideas with real facts and figures. No product or service requirement is one of the reasons why small businesses fail. First, you should try to find it, who would be your targeted audience? What sort of customers would you be focusing on? Who are your rivals? How much competition is in the market? What type of resources will you be needing? Who would be your suppliers if you are not producing? Why would customers prefer your products over the already established ones? Ask these questions honestly while being patience. Do not pounce and do not be too eager to dive into the market without a clear understanding.

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–    Prepare a business plan. 

We all believe that we have everything in our minds, then why is there a need to have a business plan handy? Because a business plan would help you to carry out your business operating efficiently. And it would make the running of your business smooth and straightforward without complexity. As someone has rightly said that “without a clear business plan, ideas would merely be a wish that you cannot fulfill.” Having things on to the paper makes the task easy for you to execute. You do not have to write several pages for it; just one page would suffice to jot down your business plan. If you want to infuse funds into your business, then a business plan is a must as it would attract investors and financial, revenue, marketing, and so on.

–    Give it legal status. 

It is essential to get the registration done for your business in India. It gives legal status to your entity. There is an ample number of options from which you can opt for the right form of business structure for your company, such as private limited company, LLP registration, one-person company, etc.

A private limited company is most prominent if you are eyeing a scalable business. The registration process is straightforward and can be done in a week or so at Rs’ cost. 12000. This can be done without visiting any offices.

To carry out your business efficiently, you should get your trademark and GST registration done as well. Once you are done with these, create your current bank account, and you are all set.

–    Finance and budgeting. 

One should spend every penny judiciously as the small business starts with the constrained pockets. You might have read somewhere that many multi-billion corporations have started with the small office such as Paytm and Flipkart. If you possess a small team while being a tech entrepreneur, you should try to slice down the office setup cost. Co-working spaces could be viable options, to begin with, such as WeWork, 91springboard, etc. One can even opt for service offices such as Regus.  

Team – recruiting the right set of people for conducting your business task is very important. You should hire people who share the same vision as yours. Hire people who have the same skillset that your business requires and the ones whose skillset do not overlap with yours. If you are a sales guy, then recruit someone from tech. Another option is to go for outsourcing initially. It is crucial to remember that keep your costs minimal when you start.

–    Concentrate on sales and not on the scale. 

Revenue makes every business successful. That is why you should concentrate on sales from the beginning with a clear mindset. First, look out for the paying customers with resources you possess, and following things would proceed quickly. In the early days, every penny you spend on marketing should be concentrated on sales. You should make processes and frameworks accordingly.

–    Stay on track with a clear mindset. 

Once your business gets going, it is time for you to think about its survival and success in the longer run. Many small businesses fail as their founders lose the focus and divert attention quickly. That is why you should stay on track with a clear mindset while not paying any attention to distractions that are in your way. It is challenging to begin a small business where the market is full of competition. But if you keep the customers happy, then your company would find its way.

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