7 Highly Recommended property investment videos for beginners

Whether you want to check out a recipe or learn how to fix a problem with your washing machine, or even seek input on how to land a date, the internet seems to be swarming with videos just waiting to tell you what to do and how to do it.

And so it is for beginners in real estate investment. Ask for help, and you shall receive tons of videos! If you are looking at the introduction to ideas, good videos are a great way to get started – they are easy to consume, engaging and concise.

But it is a task to sift through hundreds of videos and see which might be of value to you. So, we have chosen seven helpful property investment videos and listed them here for you. These will provide an excellent introduction to the space and a starting point for your search for deeper engagements in this area.

This video is a great entry point for someone excited about property investment and contemplating taking the plunge. This TEDx talk by British property investor, Dan Buchan, gives the viewer a 10k feet view of this space. He talks about his journey from “zero- to 28-year-old property millionaire”. It will be exciting for a beginner to learn how he started with odd jobs and then deep dive into the real estate arena as he wanted to take control over his financial future. The numbers he uses to stress his points may be specific to the UK, but the concepts he talks about are universal.

This video is a dive from the previous one as it takes you straight to a real estate investment case study. Australian content creator, Sanjna, takes you through the nitty-gritty of making her first property investment. In this no-frill video, Sanjna talks about how, as she was new to real estate investing, she took help from suitable quarters.

She keeps her narration essential and jargon-free, making it very easy to follow. The best parts of the video come at the end, where Sanjna gives the complete break-up of the costs involved and where she shares important learnings from her experience. The numbers are relevant to her area, but the cost heads can be a great guiding point when you do your research.

Many real estate related terms get thrown around, and a beginner must get themselves familiar with these terms. Here, real estate investment expert, Robert, explains a few basic terms to the viewers. Robert has a very crisp style of explaining, and he links the different terms to bring it all together very clearly. He keeps the pace of the video crisp with his fast delivery without compromising on clarity. This is by no means a comprehensive list of terms, but it is a good starting point for any beginner.

This video by American real estate investment expert, Graham Stephan, gives you ten actionable steps towards realising your dream of investing in property. Graham provides solid foundational tips without building castles in the air. He also talks about the pre real estate investment period, which you should use to develop good financial health and habits. Again, the concepts are applicable across the globe but make sure to check on country-specific laws and numbers. Graham keeps the video engaging and entertaining with a few funny impressions thrown in.

Deviating from the standard steps and tips, American property investment expert, Coach Carson, gives a few unusual hacks for building a profitable portfolio. The hacks may sound unorthodox, but Carson throws in a few actual examples to demonstrate his point. This is for those willing to be a little adventurous with their approach. As in the other cases, check the corresponding laws and numbers applicable to your country/area.

Nathan Birch is one of Australia’s top real estate investors who started his journey in this space two decades ago. In this video, Nathan talks about whether one can be successful in this space today and what he would do differently had he started now. It makes a lot of sense when he says he took calculated and educated steps to get where he wanted to be and that the same approach would reap the rewards. It is insightful to get this perspective through an experienced eye.

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Finally, we wrap up the list with something light. Real estate is not all serious, and one area which can raise a good laugh is real estate listings. This video rounds up ten such bizarre listings, which will surely bring a smile to your face.

Final word!!

Hope these property investment videos have piqued your interest in this exciting space. But remember, these videos are just introductions to property investment. To truly take the plunge, sign up for an excellent property investment course to give you a solid start. And who knows – in a few years, you will be ready to make your video giving tips on how to become a successful real estate investor!