7 Amazing Benefits of Buying Used Conveyors

No matter what industry you’re in, buying used conveyors is an excellent way to cut costs and save money. Whether you need a simple slide-bed belt or a heavy-duty roller conveyor, you’ll find great deals online. The trick is to shop around and compare prices from different suppliers before you buy. Look for companies with a long history of making high-quality conveyors. Also, look for companies that offer warranties on their products.

Used conveyors are often in almost new condition, but they have been used by other companies and may have some wear and tear on them. However, they’re usually still in great condition and they usually cost significantly less than new ones do.

Why Used Conveyors?

Conveyors are not cheap. In fact, they are one of the most expensive parts of a production line. That’s why many companies either don’t buy them at all or opt to buy used conveyors instead.

There are many reasons why buying used conveyors makes sense. First, they’re usually in excellent shape and they cost much less than new ones do. Second, if you don’t have the budget to buy new equipment when it’s needed, buying used can help you get the equipment you need without having to use your entire budget. But there are other benefits as well that can make this option worthwhile for your business. Here are some benefits of buying used conveyors instead of a new one:

There’s Less Risk

When you don’t know what you’re buying, there’s a certain amount of risk involved in any purchase. But when you buy used conveyors from a reputable company, you can be confident that what you see is exactly what you get. At Ingalls Conveyors, we’ll always be completely honest about the quality and condition of our products. If something is wrong with an item, we’ll let you know about it instead of trying to hide it.

You Can Afford Better Equipment

If you’re buying used conveyors because your budget is tight, that doesn’t mean that your options are limited to old, outdated equipment with no useful life left in it. At Fluent Conveyors, we have a wide variety of new and used conveyor systems available. So if you have a little more room in your budget, you can make a way for a piece of advanced equipment.

Great Equipment Selection

When you buy used conveyors, you have access to a wider selection of equipment than you would if you bought new ones. This is because there are more sellers who deal in pre-owned material handling equipment than there are manufacturers. The result is that you can find high-quality products at discounted prices, which gives you more options for your business.

The many options to choose from when it comes to the variety of used conveyors for sale can be a plus for your company. You will not have to worry about whether or not the equipment you need is available, as there are many used conveyor manufacturers to choose from. As a result, you will be able to find the right equipment for your needs

Immediate Delivery

When you purchase a used conveyor you not only get a great product at a lower cost, you also get it faster. Although this may sound like a minor benefit, it is actually quite valuable. When you purchase a new unit you often have to wait for that unit to be built and delivered to your location. The lead time is often 6 – 8 weeks; this means you have to wait almost 2 months to receive your equipment. Buying used equipment could mean that you can get your equipment immediately. This means that you will be able to start production sooner and increase your profits faster.

For example, if you are using a conveyor to help load materials from one area of your facility to another, and then your current conveyor breaks down, you will need to find a temporary solution in order to prevent any disruption in production. If you cannot find such a solution and production comes to a halt, this can result in serious losses for your company. As such, having the ability to get immediate delivery on a used conveyor that can replace your broken one can be quite valuable.

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Better ROI

With the money saved from buying used, you can invest more in upgrades and maintenance, which often comes out ahead anyway since the longer your equipment lasts, the less you have to spend on maintenance. When you factor in those costs, you might find that buying new conveyors doesn’t actually bring you a better ROI after all—especially if you consider how much time and money it took to get to the point where you’re ready to buy new conveyors!

Used Conveyors are Customizable

Used conveyors can also be customized to suit your needs, whether that’s by changing the dimensions or adding a different feature. The best part about purchasing used conveyors is that you can find them for a good price in a wide assortment of materials, from cheap aluminium to high-quality stainless steel.

Less Maintenance Needed

Used conveyors are built to last and require less maintenance than new equipment. This can lead to significant cost savings over time. For example, the conveyor experts at Fluent Conveyors estimate that the average life expectancy of a used belt conveyor is about 10 years, but it can be longer or shorter depending on the material being conveyed and the conditions in which it is used. If a belt fails on a conveyor in your facility, you will likely have to shut down production until it is fixed or replaced, which is why good maintenance practices are so important. The good news is that most used conveyors are still in excellent working condition and require little maintenance beyond routine cleaning.

There Are So Much More In Used Conveyors!

Whether you’re a new conveyor buyer or a seasoned pro, this guide should prove useful. Many people don’t realize that you can save a lot of money by purchasing used conveyors as opposed to new ones. We simply hope that it inspires you to think about the ways to best protect your investment and prevent problems down the road.