6 Usual Industrial Lighting Problems and Solutions

Lighting is an essential aspect in several industries such as sports, manufacturing, marine, packaging, and even mining. Manufacturers design electrical fixtures to last even in the most unbearable conditions such as extreme climate and temperatures.

Aside from ensuring adequate lighting and improving the output, electrical lighting also helps maintain safety in your workplace. If you have a well-lit workplace, your employees can avoid accidents like bumping into equipment and stepping on sharp tools. The truth is, like any other lighting, industrial lighting also encounters some difficulties now and then. Learning about the problems in advance and their solutions can help you avoid some costly accidents with a 14/3 wire.

Which are these lighting difficulties? What are their solutions? Keep reading to find out.

What is Industrial Lighting?

As the name suggests, industrial lighting is found in manufacturing setups such as refineries, factories, and chemical plants. Depending on the enterprise’s type you run, it can help identify dangerous conditions. The lighting tends to be more energy-efficient for manufacturing facilities that are massive in size.

Advantages of Industrial Lighting

Apart from minimizing accidents in industries, industrial lighting boasts several other benefits such as:

  • They can manage glare
  • They’re easy to maintain
  • They save on energy costs
  • They’re long-lasting when fixed by professionals
  • They’re durable

Types of Industrial Lighting Fixtures

  • Floodlighting – people mostly use them on sports grounds
  • Explosion-proof lighting – you can find them in industries with explosion potentials such as marine, transportation, and steel
  • Lighting for dangerous locations- you can use them in places such as oil rigs, nuclear plants, and underwater operations
  • Roadway fixtures – they are best for places where you require mast lighting
  • Indoor fixtures – specialists install them in several indoor work areas such as bays, workshops, and workstations

Some Industrial Lighting Issues and Their Solutions

  1. Wires Protruding from Outlets

The older a particular industry gets, the more all that’s in it becomes old, together with wires. Wires stick out from outlets due to insufficient wiring or excess wires. If you tape the wires securely, you reduce potential injuries. Still, you can’t depend on the short-term defense of tapes entirely because once they lose their adhesiveness, they’ll peel off.

Answer: Ensure that an electrician tightly seals the wires. You can also get a professional to rewire your sockets.


     2. Surges

Also referred to as transients, surges are the super-fast hitting of light. High-voltage interruptions in electricity flow cause them. They happen for a slight second. Be wary of your electronic devices as a transient can destroy any electrical machine that’s linked at that particular time.

Solution: If the surges happen continuously, it’s about time to call a professional. The good news is you don’t have to fret about transients if they’ve stopped.

    3. Baseless Outlets

Baseless links are those that don’t have a grounding structure as an extra failsafe. Grounding offers a passageway to extra power if there’s an issue with the cording, such as a short circuit. If a grounding passageway isn’t available, the additional amperage may move through other materials such as metal and wood.

Many electric devices also have a base pin on their plugs to hinder users from electrocution or shock if the appliance malfunctions.

Solution: Have a professional install a base connection and cording across the manufacturing environment. This enables every valve you use to come with the additional security of a grounded linkage.

    4. Dysfunctional Switches

Should you discover that your ON/OFF or dimming switches aren’t working as you anticipate them to, there’s a likelihood that something may have overridden the switch. Another likely basis might be circuit faults and improper wiring.

Solution: Have a word with a wireman to see what the issue is and have them replace the faulty switch as soon as possible.

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       5. Aluminum Wiring

Before, aluminum wiring was common – until it became the cause of numerous fire outbreaks both industrially and commercially. Since then, copper has been a preferred alternative. Aluminum wires are more susceptible to oxidation when conducting electricity. Hence, if they touch plastic, wood, and other combustible materials, it poses a significant risk of an electric fire.

Solution: Use copper wires instead. Please call a professional electrician to do the installation.

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       6. Regular Bulb Burnouts

If you keep changing bulbs now and again, there’s a chance that the candelabras you’ve been purchasing aren’t as reliable as they were. There are plenty of grounds why candelabra lights burn out much regularly. It could be because of improper air circulation, high voltage, a firmly fastened bulb, etc.

Solution: Confirm if the receptacle is depleted or if it’s loose. If all appears to be alright and good bulbs keep going to misuse, the only answer is to turn to a lineman.

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6 usual industrial lighting problems solutions


There’s no industrial lighting problem that doesn’t have a solution. No matter how petty the issue may seem, please don’t handle it yourself- unless you’re a qualified electrician. Also, to stop any surprise lighting problems, consider checking the lighting equipment regularly. The sooner you can identify the problem and remedy it, the more you’ll save yourself plenty of time and money. Your business doesn’t have to come to a standstill due to lighting issues. You have the answers. It’s now your responsibility to put them into use. 

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