Getting your hands on limited edition items has never been so challenging these days because of the presence of unscrupulous individuals who hoard these items to get a considerable profit. For instance, getting hold of this season’s best seats for the NBA finals would be arduous with so much competition online that you have to elbow virtually. 

Scalpers first manifested their skills in the late eighteenth century when brokers would buy long-distance tickets for a lower price but get off midway through the route and sell the remaining unused distance to travelers for a much higher price. 

Today, scalpers have evolved from those who would befriend somebody from the inside to get first dibs on limited edition items. From lining up in front of the store or the ticketing office in the wee hours of the morning to be the first to buy as many tickets or products his money could purchase; they now pay somebody to line up for them and pay considerable bribes to get their hands on limited-edition items. 

Suppose you’re the average gal who just wants to get limited edition items to satisfy the need for collecting them or want to get a concert ticket of your favorite artist. In that case, you can rest easy as here are some tips to help you get limited edition items online before they run out:

Use Proxies

One of the often sold-out products in the market today are sneakers. They sell out fast, especially if big names endorse them or use them in a movie or event. To get your hands on rare and limited-edition items, it’s best to use sneaker proxies

Sneaker proxies make it appear like you’re buying from different locations. So, you can purchase multiple items if your friends would love to have them. More importantly, these proxies bypass geo-restrictions, and some use bots to ensure speed and accuracy in processing orders from the website. They also ensure the safety of your purchase since they mask your real IP address to keep you anonymous.

Use Proxies

Acquiring hard-to-find items online can sometimes be very challenging. You’re competing with hundreds, maybe thousands of people all over the world. So, if you don’t want to get left behind make sure you use Supreme proxies that work

Set The Alarm 30 Minutes Earlier

An age-old strategy that indeed works. Most companies that offer the products you want would often announce the product launch and even have a countdown for it. Why not set the alarm on the day of the launch? Or set three alarms, for that matter, so you still have the other two to rely on if one gets busted. When companies launch an excellent product, many patrons would be on the lookout, so you have to be sure you’re on their website earlier to be in the front virtually. So, when the clock strikes, your fingers would be pressing the button or the screen in time and ahead of the others.

Use A Desktop Computer, Not A Phone

Almost all tasks that you can do on a computer can now be done on your smartphone. Still, you have to note that computers have a performance edge due to their continuous access to electricity, whereas smartphones can run out of battery quickly. Desktop computers function faster and respond to clicks more swiftly than your smartphone.

And imagine if you’re in the middle of getting your purchase completed, somebody calls or texts you and interrupts the process. You probably won’t forgive that person who cost you your precious concert tickets. 

Subscribe To The Company Newsletter

Accessing the website as a guest could set you back. Signing up for the company newsletter and being an exclusive member could give you better access to events like a product launch.

Companies regularly send updates and tips to members via their email. So, if you want first-hand information, you should subscribe to your favorite brand’s email list.

Subscribe To The Company Newsletter

Have A Fast And Stable Internet Connection

Your internet speed would dictate how fast your transaction will travel to their portal. So, if you’re the type who often scrambles for great deals and collects limited edition items, you better decide on getting a stellar internet subscription like a Fibr with 2,000 mbps speed. 

Everything you have prepared for will be futile if you have a slow internet connection.  Better yet, aside from your regular internet access, you might wish to have a backup internet in the event that something goes wrong with the other one. 

Have Your Payment Information Pre-Entered

Entering your credit card details on the day you’re purchasing the item will let others get ahead of you. It’s better to have those details pre-entered and save them for better access for future purchases. You can save your details on your computer or in an app so you don’t need to get your credit card from your wallet every time you need to make a purchase. 


Scalpers won’t stand a chance at your ingenuity. All you need to do is prepare ahead and plan carefully. If plan A won’t work, you must always have a plan B as a backup. The tips discussed above are basic preparations. If you follow everything, you’re more likely to be on your way to wearing your prized sneakers or going to the event of the year.