Things to Do in Thailand

6 Fun and Unique Things to Do in Thailand

One of Asia’s most popular vacation spots is the country of smiles. Due to the country’s reputation for delicious food, tropical beaches, mountainous scenery, and, most importantly, the Thai people’s optimistic view of life, thousands of visitors visit it annually.

If you’ve ever been to Thailand, you already know that the culture there is unique and that experiencing what the Thais refer to as “Thai-ness” is a singular experience with luxury holidays in Thailand.

The enormous geography of Thailand is varied, ranging from tropical beaches in the south with some unique underwater vistas to flat farmlands in the centre and hilly regions in the north and northeast, not to mention the fact that the Kingdom is surrounded by national parks and rainforests, which are home to more than 260 different mammal species, including five other species of monkeys.

We’ve created this guide to provide you with the top 6 things to do in Thailand as there are various Thailand tourist attractions to embark on around the country, from the south to the north.

Zip Lining

Adventure ziplining is currently one of Thailand’s most well-liked adventure activities. Many businesses provide the opportunity to zip across forests 100 feet in the air with only a harness and a cable line.

Some firms offer ziplining adventures in Pattaya, Bangkok, and the north. But if you also want to zipline, consider travelling north to Chiang Mai’s Flight of the Gibbon zipline facility. Immerse yourself in another universe, as they advise on their website, and you will do just that.

While you zip line through the jungle in the north, you may face endangered species, including exotic birds, monkeys, and other wild animals. The rainforest is breathtaking, and the weather is more relaxed than everywhere in Thailand, making it ideal for a day trip.

South-Eastern Island Hopping

Though the southeast of Thailand isn’t heavily promoted as a vacation spot, it is here that you will find undeveloped beaches, the fewest people, and the ease with which you may locate a beach to yourself if you’re daring enough.

When island hopping, you will travel back and forth between Thai and Cambodian islands without needing a visa, so if you already have a tourist VISA, you won’t have to give up luxury holidays in Thailand.

It would help if you travelled to Koh Chang Island to start your island-hopping quest. Then, you can plan your island-hopping journey while touring Koh Chang. Travelling between each island, in turn, will take an hour.

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Liveaboard In the Similan Islands, diving

Thailand is well-known for having a wide variety of diving locations, which draws tourists worldwide seeking to earn their PADI certification. There may be some lovely diving locations, but anyone who has dived in every place in the Kingdom will tell you that nothing compares to the Similan Islands.

The variety of diving throughout the Similan islands’ huge territory is extraordinary. The Similan islands also offer a variety of diving experiences, from vibrant coral reefs alive with marine life to underwater environments boasting underground rocky canyons with cliffs leading to deeper waters.

Cycling Journeys

Hiring a mountain bike with a tour guide is one of the incredible ways to experience the countryside in Thailand. You can rent a mountain bike from almost any province you travel to, and they will provide you with a guide who will take you on a set of pre-planned routes that range in difficulty from easy to complex.

The local guide will take you there if there are any zoos, crocodile parks, floral parks, snake farms, national parks, overlooks, or other tourist attractions in the region.

Some more daring bike tours along the route offer ziplining and kayaking. For experienced mountain bikers, we suggest visiting Pai in Thailand’s north. Pai’s mountain riding is exorbitantly good.

Rock Climbing

Rock climbers of all skill levels will be amazed by Thailand’s selection of climbing locations. If you consider yourself a climber, you can start by making a reservation at one of the many artificial rock climbing facilities in Bangkok.

When you feel content and confident, you can go to one of the real-life places spread out over the nation. Due to its rugged terrain, Chiang Mai is a logical place to start. However, if you want to avoid travelling to the north, don’t worry; rock climbing is also available in Railey and Ton Sai.

Rafting in White Water

White water rafting is another thrilling activity to do in Thailand. Trips on white water rafting might last anywhere from two to six hours. Also, you can ride many degrees of rapids, starting at level one (Novice) and going all the way to level five (Expert).

You will have more time to enjoy the beauty as you paddle through the lush jungle, through bamboo settlements, and spot some of Thailand’s most unique wildlife if you choose the lower-level excursion. White water rafting is available in several places in Thailand, including Pai, Chiang Mai, Mae Hong Son, Nan, Loei, Saraburi, Phitsanulok, and Phang-nga. 

With these mentioned activities, there are more exciting things to do in Thailand, like exploring the Bangkok islands, skydiving, permaculture living, and wandering camping and hiking culture.

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