6 Business Ideas For Post Covid-19 In 2k21

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The global coronavirus pandemic has turned the world upside down. Routines are getting altered every day, lifestyles have changed, and businesses have evolved. About 114 million individuals lost their jobs due to the COVID-19 crisis. Around 8.8% of global working hours were lost, equivalent to 255 million full-time jobs – again, thanks to the worldwide pandemic! 

How can individuals survive when their salaried jobs are getting cut, and bills hover on their heads? The answer to it is becoming a solopreneur. You read it right. An individual can start his business and become a solo entrepreneur. Plus, there’s an incredible surge in the online market because of the virus spread, so chances of success are double. 

Stick to this piece till the end and find six fantastic business ideas for post-COVID-19 to implement in 2021. 

1. Graphic Designing

Graphics, graphics, graphics – they’re everywhere, on your social media feeds, posters, flyers, advertisements, and websites. While brick-and-mortar shops are shifting to online stores, visuals are getting transformed into graphics. From small businesses to corporates, every company uses graphics for promotional purposes. If you’re thinking of kickstarting your career post-pandemic and got some graphic designing experience on your plate, just go for it solo. The demand is imperative in the arriving times, and the investment is pretty limited. If you have the skills, there’s nothing much else that you need to kill the graphic designing business

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2. Website Making

Web development and app development are quite the talk of the town these days. Start-ups are focusing on bagging the clients and projects that can help them foster faster in the web development industry. While businesses are going digital, web developers have a huge scope to win the business game. Whether small or gigantic, all business owns a website today. Suppose you want to establish a web development company. In that case, you can aim at providing services like front-end designing in languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript or backend development, UX/UI design, server administration, and plugin development. Who knows, your startup might get a certificate of good standing companies house within a few years of its impeccable success! 

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3. Online Tutoring

The ongoing outbreak has led students to accept online education. Classrooms have become virtual, tutors have become digital, and education is delivered online. The eLearning market, which was worth 101 billion U.S. dollars in 2019, is estimated to reach over 370 billion U.S. dollars value by 2026. It is because demand for online education is growing, and people are welcoming the change. Therefore, it is the best option to start an online tutoring business post-pandemic. You can register yourself on tutoring apps, create one of your own, or market yourself on social media and deliver online coaching classes worldwide. 

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4. Content Writing Services

If you think you are a stellar writer and you have a sharp eye for grammar, a whole new career is waiting for you. A content writing career is for those who can create excellent material for websites, social media, or blogs. Right now, freelance content writing is a popular career choice of individuals when coronavirus is ruining many professions. Millions of professionals turned to freelance business in 2020. Do you know why? Because it gave freelancers flexibility and a variety of projects to work on, whereas companies could still lure the benefits from them. Moreover, when everything’s getting online, businesses will need content to sell their products/services. Hence, starting a content writing business isn’t a bad idea if you want to earn some dollars fast. 


5. eCommerce

Statistics show a rise in online shopping due to coronavirus effects. People now prefer to purchase online than from physical shops. That suggests, getting into the eCommerce business is great. Although people fear buying goods when the virus is spreading, certain commodities are needed for life. You can take advantage of it and start a dropshipping business. Such a business model will allow you to sell products to customers without warehousing them. Therefore, no huge investments in stock. Plus, such an eCommerce business is quite successful these days; take the example of Amazon. 

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6. Consultation Business

While the COVID-19 crisis has made the lives of people miserable, everyone needs a direction where to move ahead. People seek consultation – professionally and personally. Since the market needs more consultants, you can be one. Based on your expertise and experience in a particular field, you can start your consultation agency and see it grow in a company. You can choose to become a financial consultant, career consultant, health consultant, legal consultant, sports and fitness consultant, or any other of your choice. A more lucrative option to it is to start a virtual consultancy. While you save on investments, you can charge higher and reach wider through virtual consultancy business. 

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Starting a business is not easy. Furthermore, managing it and making it grow is more challenging. COVID-19 has changed life to a greater extent, but it has also opened paths to incredible opportunities. Just look around what problems people face, find a solution, and offer that solution as a parcel of your business product/service. You will succeed for sure!

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