6 Amazing Tips to Prepare Your Humble Abode for The Holidays

The holiday season, undoubtedly, is the favorite time of the year for most of us. It’s a fantastic time bristled with pure bliss, warmth, and happiness. With the streets spruced up with lighting, ornaments dangled around, and garlands hunged, friends and loved ones gather at one place to enjoy and celebrate.

Are you one of those strict don’t-bring-the-Christmas trees inside the house until after the celebrations, person? Or are you fond of twinkle lights on Thanksgiving eve? Whatever the occasion is, making arrangements requires you to pour in a great deal of effort and hard work.

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Buying the perfect presents for every guest to cooking delectable meals, and preparing yourself for the holidays is not a simple feat. And if you have to host a dinner at your home and let some guests stay, things can get extremely complicated. Getting the rooms ready and keeping the guests entertained is a tough job that even those best at it, at times, fail. It leaves you to catch your breath and catch up with your guests at the same time. It doesn’t matter if you have played host a gazillion times or are new to it. Hosting comes with a fair share of stress since you want to make your home look friendly and a place that gives off festive vibes.

To leg you up, below is a list of tips for you to stay organized and get prepared before the guests invade your house:

1. Declutter

Before you start preps for a holiday, declutter first. And get ruthless with your choice. Search every nook of your house and purge the unnecessary items. And try to stack your possessions in a secure place.

Are you a resident of Macon, a city with a great cultural heritage in Georgia? Then, don’t sweat it. All you need is to search storage units Macon GA and get reliable self-storage for your valuable belongings. The option works best if you wish to keep the possessions out of view during holidays and stack them away tidily at the same time. Decluttering makes your home look spacious and gives off an illusion of a neat place, even though if it isn’t necessarily.

2. Spring Clean the Dust

Indeed, you don’t want to keep running at the eleventh hour and remove the dirt accumulated on closets when the guests arrive at the door. Nor do you want to give off a poor impression of your house. Therefore, deep clean every drawer, cupboard, and wardrobe. And while you are at it, also look out for spaces that often remain neglected the whole year. These may be basements, window treatments, ceiling fans, and outdoor areas.

Also, rinse the curtains and the rugs either by yourself or professionals. If you want to go a bit extra mile, you can even add a fresh lick of paint at some prominent places. That way, you can have a clean slate, peace of mind and save energy for more significant projects.

3. Ready the Bathroom

The bathroom might be one of those areas in your home that gets frequently used. So, revamp it by adding new lighting fixtures. Also, assess the condition of the toilets. Clamp the bolts tightly and check the flush mechanism beforehand.

Give special attention to the closets and ensure everything is clean and tidy. You can even add some extra hangers and place bathrobes. Your guests might forget some essentials in the heat of the moment. Make them feel comfortable by already setting up the toiletries. These may include soap, a toothbrush, shampoo, and a mouthwash. Finally, don’t forget to put candles with pleasant fragrances around the vanity to give a decorative touch.

4. Prepare the Crockery

We all have unique porcelain and exquisite China dinnerware sets that only get out of the shelves on special occasions. It’s that time of the year. So, bring out those crockeries gently and clean them with a soft cloth instead of a rough scrubber.

If you keep on stalling this task and only complete it in the nick of time, you might face the consequences. These heirlooms already cost a fortune and imagine the heartache if they fell or get a crack due to last moment panic. Therefore, make this task a priority and ensure the tableware is impeccable.

5. Level Up the Ambience with Festive Aura

Now, this tip may seem like something you can ignore; however, know that it is as crucial as home maintenance. The pleasing scent of soy wax melts can significantly impact the atmosphere of your house and set up the mood for the holiday season. Also the fragrance is meant to come from the wax melt itself, which slowly starts to melt as the candle pushes more heat above. 

It’s up to you which kind of candles you prefer, either beeswax, cotton wicks, or organic. You can even try out a simple DIY activity. Poach water, cinnamon, and apples for delightful and nostalgic aroma all over the house. That way, you can also get rid of any cooking smell in your home. A bonus tip – considerately place pillows, set up the fire, and play soft music in the background to give festive vibes.

6. Spruce Up with Lighting and Other Decorations

Lastly, don’t take the decorations lightly, and most definitely don’t wait for the last moment. Time may get crunched at the end, and you will still be busy fumbling between different tasks. Therefore, it’s better to start early and get it done.

You don’t need to go much overboard with the decorative items. Just bring out the old decoration box that you use every holiday season. Chances are the fairy lights might be tangled, some hooks missing, and the glitter from the other decoration items may spill all over the place. And this gives all the more reasons not to procrastinate the decorations. Apart from this, hang wreaths on the main door and brighten up the entryway with light fixtures to give out a gentle holiday spirit.

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Final Words

The festive season calls for lots of boisterous celebrations, merrymaking, and endless ebullient parties. And with a proper plan in place, you can execute these activities swimmingly. All you need is to knuckle down to the essential matters at hand and ensure your guests feel at home. Consider making a to-do list and split it into two columns – what preps are a must, and what can you drop. Surprisingly enough, many tasks will slide into the second column. And what if some plans might not turn out as you expected? Take it easy and remain calm. Don’t let this thought ruin your holidays. Mishaps can happen anytime, even to the greatest of all. What matters the most is that you are with your loved ones at the end of the day.

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