5 Ways to Recognize Signs of Roof Damage

A roof is one of the essential parts of your home. It’s where you’ll get rain protection, shade from the hot summer sun, and even an escape from bugs. When things get stormy outside, there’s nothing better than coming inside to read a book or chill in front of the TV.

Unfortunately, if your roof is damaged, so many types of problems can develop. The only way to know whether you have a damaged roof is by checking it. Here are a few things you can be on the lookout for to help you determine what’s wrong with your roof and how to fix it. Aegis construction group can also help you to fix your roofing problems.

The Roof Looks Defective

The first thing you want to do is look at your roof. If there’s anything unusual about it, then the damage may have occurred over time. Watch out for damaged or missing shingles, seams, or flashing that might show signs of water damage. If you find any damage like this, then get professional help immediately.

The Roof Looks Unkempt

If there’s a lot of dirt and debris on the roof, then that’s a sign that something is wrong. The dirt may create a problem with the drainage. Depending on the damage, it could allow water through your roof or lead to mold growth. Either way, it needs to be cleaned off immediately. If you have a very dirty roof, consider installing an aeration system to help with better ventilation and drainage for your entire home.

You Can See a Difference in the Roof Color

If there’s a noticeable difference in the color of your roof, then there’s a possibility that it’s damaged. It could be that it has been exposed to sunlight for too long and has started to fade away. Or, it could be because of the damage occurring on the roof and affecting its overall appearance. If this is the case, then get help right away.

You See Soft Spots on the Roof

One of the easiest ways to identify roof damage is by looking for soft spots. If you’re walking across the roof and it feels like you’re walking on a trampoline, then that’s a problem. It might be because your roof needs repair, or maybe there are other problems in your attic causing structural issues inside your home.

Soft spots on your roof are very dangerous because they can allow water to penetrate your attic or crawl space. It can destroy insulation before you even know what’s happening, so it’s important to repair this immediately. If you see any of these signs of damaged roofing, then it’s time to get your home checked out by a professional. If there are any signs of mold growth, then call an attic cleaning company for mold remediation right away.

The Roof Itself is Sagging or Bulging

As you go around looking at your roof, you might notice that one side is sagging down while the other side is bulging up. It might be because of a crack in the roof or a bad leak. Cracks occur when the roofing material breaks down, making the roof susceptible to the formation of mold. Since mold comes from water damage, it’s very important to clean out your roof right away.

The best way to fix a sagging roof is by hiring a professional. You want to get any damage taken care of as soon as possible because otherwise, it will only get worse and cost you more money down the road.

Roofs are an important part of your home, but it’s important to get the problem fixed as soon as possible if they’re damaged. It’s difficult to gauge just how much damage there is on the roof, but some of these signs of roof damage might bring you to the conclusion that it needs work. The sooner you fix your roof damage, then the sooner you can enjoy your safe home again. Click here to learn more about roof damage repair.

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