Do you remember the days when you had to go to a store (physically) to buy whatever you needed? The fact that you can buy a wide range of products without even leaving the comfort of your home has changed how we shop. E-commerce has taken over and has gotten us scrolling through brands and their products whenever we wish, right from our mobiles or laptops. 

Over the years, technology has empowered the e-commerce industry, which has seen a rise and is expected to reach newer heights of success in the years to come! It has made shopping a convenient and user-friendly experience for everyone – there’s no doubt about it. And the benefits are two-sided, where brands also enjoy the perks of offering their products online. 

Businesses can now take their store online and reach a wider audience. Similarly, shoppers are also benefiting from multiple options, ease of payment and the convenience of shopping from pretty much anywhere! 

Let’s examine five exciting ways technology has influenced how we shop now.

  1. Variety of Secured Payment Options

Earlier, conducting online transactions with your trusted shopping partners would raise eyebrows. But now, as people have started accepting digitalisation, sellers are inclining more towards adopting anti-fraud measures for ensured safe and secured checkouts.

Nowadays, there is a variety of secure payment options available. For example, the BNPL (Buy Now Pay Later) model allows shoppers to buy an item, make a down payment, and then make interest-free monthly instalments even with their debit cards! UPI (Unified Payments Interface) has also made payments easier and more secure.

Some fintech startups like KreditBee offer EMI shopping or online purchase loans to help with purchases you might need funds for that you don’t currently and readily have available. With hassle-free documentation, you get access to the funds within a limit of ₹1,50,000! These payment options are completely secured, and you can make quick transactions without thinking twice!

  1. Shop Whenever, From Wherever

Forget the hassle of shopping within a limited time frame. With the surge in online shopping trends, accessibility to brands, products and services has increased.

People can shop at any time since they don’t have to worry about the shop closing at a certain hour. You can even shop from brands not from your city, state or country! All you have to do is visit the seller’s website or an online platform and scroll through your options, fill your cart, make a payment, and you get your shopped items delivered to your doorsteps 

Technology has made convenience a part of every shopper’s life. You can also browse through millions of options and compare the same item on other websites. You can even get your groceries online now. 

  1. Virtual Try-on and Augmented Reality

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has reached its peak. Even in the shopping industry, AI-enabled virtual try-on have increased. This means that now you can virtually try on a product, just like how you would do in a physical store – before committing to anything, you can try clothes, makeup, or even eyewear. 

Big shots like Nike and Adidas have taken the “virtual try-on” concept a notch up by offering an online tool to their customers where they can customise their own products from scratch.

Moreover, there is also an increase in the concept of augmented reality to enhance the customer’s experience.

For example, some stores have incorporated magic mirrors where the customers can sit in front of the mirror and get their faces scanned. The mirror then applies cosmetics or accessories to your reflection and combines several products. This adds convenience to your buying process, as you don’t have to try on anything physically!

  1. Online Assistants

Handling customers is now easier with online assistants, popularly known as chatbots. Gone are the days when you had to wait in long queues to talk to an assigned customer care executive. Now, if you have any complaints or questions regarding the website or the product you bought, you can start an online chat with a virtual assistant on the seller’s website.

You can get proper assistance and guidance from these virtual assistants. For example, if you are having trouble in the payment window of a product or have a complaint about returns or exchanges, you can ask the chatbot and clear your doubts.

Some sellers have even started positioning real people to function these chatbots to ensure that their buyers have the most accurate responses and that their queries are answered on time!

  1. Quick Checkouts

Waiting in long queues to check out is the last thing anyone wants. An uninterrupted way of paying is what everyone desires, especially online!

Improvement in online payment technology has led to quick payments during checkouts. Redirecting to several pages for the succession of your payment is tiresome. But as technology advances, the payment window gets shorter and saves you a lot of time!

Technology is evolving in the global market. You can now shop as per your heart’s wish. Finding products is not hard anymore. And now, you can even make payments using various secured methods! There are so many options available to you in this technology-driven era. So, make the best use of them and enjoy a smooth shopping experience!


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