5 Unknown Benefits Of Joining An Online MSN Nursing Administration Program

Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) degrees are advanced degrees for registered nurses. Usually, these MSN programs contribute to career advancements to prepare nurses for leadership positions. These courses are beneficial for RNs interested in managerial and leadership careers.

The Master of Science in Nursing Administration (MSN) incorporates contemporary management theory and core competencies, enabling graduates to function in a variety of healthcare settings. This article will explain some of the benefits of enrolling in online MSN nursing administration programs.

Higher Employability

MSN degrees are designed to equip nurses with skills such as management, risk assessment, interpersonal communication, etc. As such skills are highly regarded by most organizations, MSN degree-holding nurses get to work in the top-ranked healthcare facilities.

These nursing administration professionals usually assume the roles of nurse managers, chief nursing officers, and clinical nurse leaders. According to a survey, chief nursing officers are some of the most highly paid workers in the healthcare field, earning annual wages of $134,600 or more as of 2021 September.

Myriad Career Paths

MSN degrees create lucrative opportunities for ambitious nurses aiming to achieve career goals in a short time. Many career paths can be opted after completing an administrative MSN program, including but not limited to below given roles:

  • Nurse Administrator who overlooks nursing staff and manages budgets, resources, and procedures.
  • Nurse Manager who operates the nursing unit by assigning tasks to nurses and carrying out their performance evaluation.
  • Nursing Director who is responsible for managing departments and overlooking nursing managers.
  • Clinical Nurse Leader who monitors nursing practices and recommends improvements.
  • Chief Nursing Officer who is the highest in terms of ranking and acts as an administrator at a healthcare facility.

Certification and Licensing

Administrative MSN courses make it possible for RNs to establish their eligibility for high-level nursing certifications and licenses. Nurse administrators are licensed RNs with advanced qualifications. Before starting graduate study, they usually seek licensure through degrees or diplomas like BSN. Some of the certifications which administrator nurses may be eligible for are:

  • Nurse Executive Certification
  • Executive Nursing Practice Certification
  • Clinical Nurse Leader
  • Nurse Executive, Advanced Certification
  • Nurse Manager and Leader Certification
  • Director of Nursing Services-Certified

Education Continuity

A Master’s degree in administration programs makes it possible for graduates to establish their eligibility for Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) or DNP in nursing fields. MSN programs take you one step closer to achieving these degrees, which qualify you further for senior-most roles in administration or provide a career as a policymaker, researcher, or educator.

These courses can be pursued at cheaper rates and are more convenient if taken up online. In addition, online education saves the cost of transport accommodation and lets you take care of other responsibilities along with your studies.

As discussed in the article above, there are many benefits of taking up an online administrative MSN degree with nearly no disadvantages. With good career opportunities, advanced certifications, and cost efficiency, enrolling in this program can be a very good decision.

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