5 Traditional Games You Can Now Play Online

Board games have been a long-standing part of the culture for centuries. But games that once required you to gather your friends to play in person can now be played online with players from across the world.

So, if you’re struggling to find someone who can handle your competitive side or are fed up with losing against your friends, boost your skills with these five traditional games that can now be played online.


There are a huge number of monopoly games available – both for gaming consoles and on multiple websites. The most intense family game to ever be played can now be played under much more chilled-out conditions online. The game has even been adapted to create games like Board Kings. As the layout and game are so well recognized, monopoly has opened the door to many other games to surface, meaning there are even more ways to blackmail your parents into giving you their properties than ever…


www.bingositesreviewer.com makes Bingo more accessible than ever. And its easy-to-understand instructions mean pretty much all ages can enjoy the game. Starting as a fun night out with girls, the bingo halls have been swapped for online environments; dabbers for virtual counters, and gossiping with friends now happens in a live chatbox.

Players can now enjoy the rush of the game without ever leaving their homes or liven up their daily commute by playing via an app on their smartphone.


While the traditional poker table experience is still a favorite pastime for people across the globe, serious players can get their fix on a huge number of online casinos – rather than saving up to head to the big stakes in Vegas.

There are so many versions of poker now available, too – with Texas hold ‘em still being one of the most popular.


For those that have always loved picking up a cue at the bar but not had as much look ever winning against the experts, you can enjoy the game online instead. Behind the mask of your computer, you can play the game more tactfully and attempt new tricks before showing them off to your friends. There are plenty of free pool games that can be played both on a laptop and smartphone, so no matter where you are, you’ll be able to get practicing.


If you’re a word aficionado with nobody to play, online scrabble is a great way to match up with like-minded people to battle it out for Word Master. There are even android apps that will allow you to play against friends over any amount of time – you can just wait for the other person to play when they can (giving you more time to plan your attack).

These five classic games might have been fun in person, but with added bonuses, new challenges, and a new group of sore losers to beat, online games take the fun, thrill, and competitive edge up a notch.

Which games will you try?

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