5 Tips to Encourage Your Children that how to recycle

Do you have a young family and would love to get your children encouraged or interested in how to recycle? By choosing to get your children to be aware of the positive effects recycling can have on the environment at an early age, they are more likely to continue these good recycling habits throughout their lives.

To make it easier, Fletchers Waste Management, who provides skip hire Sheffield, has put together five helpful ways you can get your kids interested and involved in recycling.

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how to recycle

Family rewards schemes

Much like many other tasks such as potty training tidying toys, a rewards scheme is a great way to incentivize children to recycle correctly. Start by creating a chart with their names on it and letting them choose their own stickers; stars are always a fun choice! Every time someone in the family recycles an item of waste correctly, reward them with a sticker so each family member can see who is doing well. You can also provide rewards for a certain amount of stickers if this encourages better recycling.

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Add labels to each bin

To make it easier for the family to know where to put each item of waste, it helps to add labels for different recycling bins. For example, plastics, cardboard and food should all be put separately; however, this will depend on your location and what bins your council provides. Knowing which bin to use will encourage better recycling rather than just using the general waste bin out of ease.

Visit a recycling center

Not many people know what happens to their waste after it leaves their homes. We trust that it is being dealt with properly and continue with our day. Why not take your family to visit a local recycling centre to find out what happens to the waste that is put out for recycling? Speaking to people who work there is a great way to learn about the recycling process.

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how to recycle

Discuss why recycling is good

If children do not know the reasons they need to do something, they are probably less inclined to want to make an effort to do it. So start by explaining why recycling is important and how recycling will help the planet. As well as this, as children love to draw, explain where paper comes from and that without recycling it, more needs to come from trees which we need to protect.

Recycle yourself

No matter what the task at hand is, children as most likely to do something if they see the people closest to them doing it, too. As children look to their parents for guidance and assistance, they will be more inclined to recycle if they see that you are doing it too. Lead by example, and hopefully, it will encourage your children to follow in your recycling footsteps naturally.

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If you need more assistance with correctly disposing of your waste and would like to speak to someone for advice. Contacting the team at Fletchers is a great place to start. They can advise you on what can and can’t be recycled as well as the best places to take your items to if your council cannot collect them.

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