5 Tips for Styling Loungewear

The loungewear trend isn’t going anywhere. While the term became incredibly popular during 2020, when working from home was at its peak, it seems most of us are reluctant to leave this trend behind. 

Plus, why would we? Loungewear is the perfect combination of feeling comfortable while adding an element of luxury that your old PJs just don’t give off. 

Loungewear is incredibly versatile and is not strictly limited to the home. As the trend has grown, we’ve seen loungewear on the runway and styled more and more on the streets. 

However, when creating the perfect loungewear look there are a few things to take into consideration.

Choose Your Color Palette Wisely

When choosing women’s loungewear, it’s a good idea to buy items you can mix and match together. An easy way to make sure your loungewear pieces are versatile is to stick to a color palette.

The best way to do this is to stay neutral. Think beige, brown, cream, and grey. Keeping your loungewear neutral and understated gives you more room to play when mixing it with outerwear. 

Layer It Up

To stay cozy, whilst also creating a put-together look, you simply need to use layers. For example, wide-leg pants, and a pullover are perfect for chilling and getting things done around the house, but before you head out, add a blazer on top or an oversized denim jacket.

If in doubt, opt for a long camel coat. It’ll dress up the outfit and ensure your laid-back style looks intentional. 

Go for Gold with Accessories 

Good accessories can make or break your outfit and are sure to add an extra element of glam to your loungewear outfit. Simply add a large, structured bag or some bold sunglasses.

When choosing your jewelry, don’t be afraid to for a statement piece. Gold always works well with a neutral palette, so why not opt for some chunky gold earnings?

Mix and Match

While sets look great, don’t be afraid to play. Mix cozy tapered pants with an oversized turtleneck. Or, try your mixing your cozy sweatshirt with your classic mom jeans. Just because you’ve opted for loungewear doesn’t mean you can’t mix it up.

It’s All About the Shoes

Make your shoes count. If you are merely running out to do a few errands, it can be tempting to shove on whatever shoe is strewn across your hallway.

However, choosing the right shoe can take your loungewear look to the next level. So, skip the slippers and try adding an unexpected shoe. A simple heel or a clean minimal pair of white trainers can always add an extra element of style. 

Loungewear can be just as comfortable and stylish as your favorite pair of jeans, but sometimes, can be a little harder to dress up.

Following these 5 easy to follow tips you are sure to create loungewear looks that are not only feminine and glamorous but also extremely cozy and versatile from day to night and every time between.