5 Strategies To Engage Your Customers Through Sms text

Many businesses have experienced their commercial success by utilizing Sms text online in their marketing plan. As a result, text messaging is trendy and powerful for businesses to reach out to their customers.

Why you should engage your customers through SMS

Customer engagement is a huge factor in any business. For example, a recent study has shown that an increase in customer loyalty of 7% can boost a business’s lifetime profits per customer by 85%.

Companies generally invest a lot of time and money into engaging their customers and building relationships with them through various channels such as social media and SMS marketing.

Sms text

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Business texting is generally known for its strong customer engagement. For example, it is found in a survey that the customers typically read about 98% of all the text messages that are sent to them.

Also, they generally read 90% of them within the first three seconds of receiving the message. As a result, businesses generally need a little creativity in their business texting strategies to engage with their customers effectively.

Here are the five best strategies to engage your customers through SMS

Send personalized promotional SMS

Targeting as well as personalizing the work usually goes well on both ends. It generally prevents businesses from spending a large amount of money on “blanket” promotions. It also increases customer loyalty and retention to the company by offering rewards that are valuable to them.

You can easily send personalised sms campaigns at scale with the help of a reliable sms marketing software. It can also help you automate your sms marketing efforts.

A study has also shown that 73% of the customers generally want to engage with businesses that use their personal information to provide more relevant shopping experiences. So personalized messages are a good way for increasing business.

Setup text-based customer service

SMS is a fast and convenient form of customer service. Most of the people in the world text at least once a day. Texting generally gives a large number of benefits to the businessman as a customer service channel:

It is wide-reaching to the people. The Customers can be away from a computer or an internet connection, but they can still send and receive text messages. It is very convenient. The customers can send a quick note to the company to ask for any assistance without being on hold on the phone.

Use text to vote in a survey program.

The customers can give a product release feedback. For example, to provide customers with a voice, a company can ask their SMS list to pick which design they would prefer for their upcoming product release or any other similar upcoming event.

These polls will usually demonstrate that the company is interested in their customers’ opinions, giving them helpful feedback to work.

Implement a customer loyalty program

To create reward programs for a company, they have to make a specific mobile app for themselves. If that is a lot of effort and budget for the company to bear, they can create an SMS loyalty program.

The customers can sign up online or in-store of the company by giving their numbers. The company can begin sending SMS messages as well as loyalty rewards.

The customers will therefore come in more frequently to redeem the rewards.

Create an SMS competition campaign

All the people are competitive and motivated by the idea of receiving something for free. It is a human tendency. It even applies when the monetary value of the prize is quite negligible.

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It is the reason for which doing an SMS competition is an excellent way to engage the customers.


The convenience that is offered by text messaging allows the customers to respond anytime and anywhere. It is the reason for which text messages result in higher response rates than any other communication platform.

With innovative data mining technology accessible, it is possible to customize your emails quickly. However, even if you send bulk emails, you must personalize your email using any cold email software for better conversions.

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