5 Smart Tips for Kitchen Makeovers

Kitchen Makeovers are one thing that absolutely everyone loves, whether it is for them or their space. When it is about your kitchen things can get very monotonous and that’s because you think spending on its makeover would be a costly affair.

5 Smart Tips for Kitchen Makeovers

However, what if we tell you that using the existing things you can give a great makeover. If you want to make it even better, you can spend a meager amount to make your kitchen a happier place to cook and eat. Take a look below to know what those tips are. Let’s begin!

Kitchen Makeovers
Kitchen Makeovers

Change it up

Textured additions and brighter colors when added to the kitchen that is in solid color (mostly are) can do wonders and take the approach to the next level. What can you do? The simplest way is to add neon-colored cutlery to add design and color.

The place for sure would look livelier. Countertops can also be made of wood-like material. In a parallel kitchen design, you can place it on the shelf you have your cooktop on.

Show the Collectibles

Another great way is to use cabinets to store cutlery but even though they are meant for this, there are times when we end up storing the things we don’t need anymore. So, the best approach to get rid of them is to reorganize them and then change the door with something transparent like glass.

This way the collectibles will attract enough attention to them and make the space look nicer. This tip works best in parallel kitchen design as then you can have glass cabinets on both walls.

Play With Contrasts

Go to the color wheel on Google and then see contrasting colors. Notice the colors in your kitchen and then choose the colorful items that can go in contrast with them. Besides, you can also try to work on the walls and give them contrasting colors or make a pattern on them. This will become the focal point of your kitchen decor.

Use custom kitchen cabinets by 1 Stop Cabinets to customize and design the exact kitchen you want.

Mix And Match

The lower cabinets are great to store most of the items in your kitchen. You can end up feeling very choked up if you keep the glass upper cabinets stocked to the brim. Keep small cutlery in upper cabinets and close the appliances and other huge kitchen items in the lower cabinet, take them out when you use them.

And nothing will accent your cabinets like stunning, natural stone countertops. Whether you choose marble, quartz, or granite countertops, stone countertops will give any kitchen a regal and elegant look. They convey warmth and beauty, and make your kitchen a showcase room where you’ll want to spend your time.

Use lights to elevate the look

Adding different color lights for the time of the day or things like yellow fairy lights for nighttime and multi-color lights for when it’s party time in the living room and your parallel kitchen design layout is right next to the living room in an open living setup.

So, we hope we are able to get you inspired. Make sure you start working on these ideas and the others that come to your mind. You can also search for the best makeover ideas for parallel kitchen design. This way you will be able to renovate the kitchen in the best way.

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Documents for coordinating the redevelopment of the kitchen into the kitchen-living room

The composition of the package of documents when applying for redevelopment is determined by the Housing Code of the Russian Federation. It includes:

  • Technical data sheet of the reconstructed premises.
  • Redevelopment project with technical conclusion.
  • Documents of title (originals or notarized copies).

The package of documents can be supplemented:

  • The conclusion of the authority for the protection of monuments (for houses – monuments of history, culture or architecture).
  • Help from Mosgaz (for transferring the gas stove).
  • With the consent of the bank (for redevelopment of apartments in a mortgage).

All documents are submitted to the MFC since the Moscow Housing Inspection currently does not personally accept applications from real estate owners.

After all the documents collected for the approval of the repair are submitted, you must wait for the decision of the Moscow Housing Inspectorate for 20-30 days. If the outcome is positive, a work permit is issued. However, the approval procedure does not end there but only interrupts.

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