5 Signs It’s Time To Rebrand Your Business

Nothing in life is permanent and the same goes for businesses. Although it may come with many changes, disruptions, redesigning, and repositioning, rebranding doesn’t necessarily mean a bad thing. On the contrary, rebranding may actually be exactly the change your business needs to give it an improved identity and presence that the audience relates to better.

Once you have come to the realization that you need to change the corporate image of your brand, your next step should be to find the best custom logo design services you can find to reimage your brand logo. Whether you choose to find an affordable logo designer on an online marketplace or hire an agency to do it, your redesigned logo should come with serious considerations.

The following are some telltale signs that may suggest it is time to give your brand a new face.

5 Signs It’s Time To Rebrand Your Business

Brands Merge, Demarge Or Acquisition

When it comes to businesses, one may buy or be bought by the other. If your brand is involved in either a merge, demerge, or acquisition, it may be best that you give your brand an all-new look since you have decided to accept another to be a part of your identity.

Brands Merge, Demarge Or Acquisition

After such a shift in identity, it is essential that you display a unified message to represent the new image. What name the logo will signify, depends on the strength of the businesses now involved. It may be that the combination of both means a much superior identity.

Changing Market Or Audience

Perhaps your audience or market has changed. Oftentimes, small businesses after growth and progress develop into widely popular known brands and they no longer serve the same limited audience as before.

The new audience may mean the addition of new cultures, ethnicities, beliefs, and values into your brand’s demographic. In such a case it is important that your brand now displays inclusivity, acceptance, and tolerance towards all that is different and that may require your brand to change its logo into a representation that may be approved by a global audience.

Changing Market or Audience

Recently Big Hit Entertainment, a company that manages the globally Korean pop group sensation BTS, changed its label to HYBE labels. When asked why the change now, Bang Si-Hyuk, CEO of Big Hit Entertainment, stated “We operate various businesses and understand the area of entertainment in a much wider sense than previously perceived,” added: “I felt the need to change of our name as a symbol of the structure that could connect and expand the current businesses.”

Under the new slogan “We believe in music” he explained he didn’t want his company to only represent entertainment anymore as they were expanding to the new horizons that divide its major roles into three divisions: label, solution, and platform.

Bad reputation

The name of a brand immediately evokes certain emotions. If your brand name becomes one that evokes emotions of mistrust, betrayal, or something scandalous, then rebranding might become necessary.

Although redesigning a logo doesn’t mean all actions will be forgotten, using a strategic marketing campaign and meticulously planning all rebranding steps might allow your business to save face.

In recent years, Facebook has faced severe backlash from the global audience and its history is dotted with numerous scandals. Recently, Mark Zuckerburg announced the rebranding of Facebook to “Meta.”

Although the company CEO has claimed that the new name represents an online virtual oasis that he aims to build called “Metaverse,” whether this rebranding move will prove to be successful in distancing itself from Facebook at its scandals or not is yet to be seen.


Are you finding that your brand blends in too well into the mass sea of competitors in your industry? That no longer has that unique factor that you aimed to provide as it did before? Having your brand become a little too similar to your competition might be a sign that it is the right time to rebrand.


Perhaps you have the late realization that your business has a logo that is just too bland or your brand message is just too generic and thus you haven’t been gaining any attention as nothing makes your brand stand out. In such a case hiring any best custom logo design services, a full rebranding may prove to be highly beneficial for your business’s growth if done methodically.


One other popular reason for brands altering logos is that they become outdated. With trends changing every day, often brands that have been in the market for a while realize the brand representation in their logo requires perhaps a more modern or digitalized look and the current one represents an obsolete theme.

One of the best examples of rebranding is the Apple company. You may be shocked to know that Apple has changed its logo almost 6 times over the course of the past 5 decades.


The original Apple logo consisted of a grayscale very intricate logo inspired by Einstein and the fallen apple in 1976. Apple Computer Inc. (as it was originally named at first) had chosen this logo as it represented creation and innovation. However, the next year Apple introduced a rainbow coloured logo that represented its product the “Apple II ” with the world’s first featured colour display. Of course with changing, the 6 coloured rainbow apple had to be eventually ditched into a more stylized modern-looking monochrome apple that changed its colour several times over time.


When handling an ongoing business, it is necessary to make sure you follow the signs that may suggest it is time to rebrand. Rebranding at the right time, in just the right manner, may give your business an extra boost that it may have been lacking earlier.

5 Signs It’s Time To Rebrand Your Business
5 Signs It’s Time To Rebrand Your Business

Once you have identified signs that indicate rebranding is the way to go, you must develop a new marketing strategy after thoroughly conducting market research to carefully come up with a plan for your new image. Moreover, you may further need to decide whether to partially or fully rebrand your business. Whichever it may be, your new brand representation must bring awareness, positivity, and loyalty from its audience.

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